Dickerson High Performance Green Homes

Our High Performance Certified Green Homes are so much more than just energy efficient, they offer its owners peace of mind about their comfort, their health, their money and their impact on the environment.  Here's how we achieve our whole package approach -   

COMFORT & HEALTH: Increased comfort begins with correctly sized and installed HVAC systems designed specifically for each home we build.  These systems help reduce unbalanced heating and cooling in the home and they better control indoor humidity levels.

By creating a better indoor living environment, our customers bring their families home to a healthier indoor environment every day.  Low VOC paints, green label carpeting, certified cabinetry and formaldehyde free insulation are a few of the ways we lessen the exposure to harmful chemicals and help create healthier living spaces for you.

Conditioned crawl spaces and an excellent exterior air barrier help bring a higher level of comfort, improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency to our homes.  Conditioned crawls mean warmer floors in the winter; eliminate a dark, dank and scary area under the house; improve the energy efficiency of the HVAC system; and help create a barrier between the outdoor and indoor environments.  By caulking seams in the framing and using a sophisticated house sheathing, the exterior walls of the home become an integral part of the air barrier as well; keeping the uncontrolled outside air separated from the conditioned, comfortable indoor air your family lives in.

SAVES YOU MONEY: High performance homes use less energy to heat and cool, help manage water usage and use more durable products, especially on the exterior.  This means less money is needed to maintain and operate our homes.  Look for the Energy Star sticker showing the Home Energy Rating System score on our electric panel boxes.  The lower the number, the more energy efficient the house operates.  Most homes built 5 years ago will have a 120 HERS score, a house built to NC Code today will score around a 95, a basic Energy Star home will be an 85.  In 2012, Homes By Dickerson’s High Performance Homes carried an average HERS score of 64. In 2013, our homes improved to 59 and in 2014, our average is down to 56.  We will continue to strive to get that number even lower each year. 

ENVIRONMENT: It’s a fact that a new home will consume a considerable amount of resources and energy to construct.  Our customers can have ease of mind that these resources have been used responsibly and that the waste from the jobsites has been sorted and recycled when possible.  We also incorporate the use of products, such as concrete block, carpet, carpet pad, tile and others that have pre and post consumer recycled components.  Engineered wood products, like I-joists, floor and roof trusses, and other qualifying products minimize the use of natural resources while maintaining the structural integrity of the components.  Combined, these efforts help lessen the overall impact of the new home on our environment.

Be sure to look for the green Homes By Dickerson seal in our homes that helps identify these high performance green features!