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Parade of Style, Meet the Designer: Turner Hairr!

Parade of Style, Meet the Designer: Turner Hairr!

As we gear up for our Parade of Homes event at the end of September, we want to introduce you to the talented designers behind our 10 beautiful homes! Each designer chose distinctive selections to fit a certain theme, and we’re excited to give you a behind-the-scenes look into their unique thought process. This week, our team is happy to introduce you to Turner Hairr, who designed our Staycation and Belle Vue homes.

Before joining our team, Turner worked in customer service, furniture sales, and home staging, and is equally passionate about design, colors, aesthetics, and customer care. Outside of the office, she loves to spend time outdoors with her husband, daughter, and cocker spaniel, Easton, and relax on the beach at Topsail Island. Get to know a little bit more about this incredible designer and the unique touch she brought to each home!

What inspired you for your Staycation unique design theme?


My inspiration behind this home was the beach and the feeling of being by the coast. (Not necessarily the NC coast, but maybe Cape Cod.) That’s where the name “Staycation” came from. I wanted you to walk inside the home and immediately feel like you were at the beach or on vacation. The shades of blue and natural wood tones help to bring this feeling to life.

What inspired you for your Belle Vue unique design theme?

Belle Vue

The inspiration behind this home was California Vineyards. I wanted to do a home that had a French Country feeling to it, but also put more of a modern twist on it. The name “Belle Vue” actually means “beautiful view” in French (how fitting)! The pops of matte black mixed with medium-toned woods and gray-greens are prominent in this home. I have vine-like wallpaper accents and simple trim features throughout to help pull this theme together!

What is your favorite part about designing homes featured in the Parade of Homes?

My favorite part about designing homes in the POH is being able to take risks and give the home a bit more personality. POH allows a designer to do things they may not do on a traditional inventory home. It’s so fun to create an idea on paper and then see it come to life months down the road, and have other people walk through and be able to see and love that theme you worked so hard to create.

Why do you love working in the Raleigh area?

Being in Raleigh is great for so many reasons. My favorite thing about it is the amount of opportunities to be outside. Whether it’s walking a trail, shopping, or grabbing dinner and a drink, there are so many ways to be outside and enjoy the city. It allows you to meet new people and enjoy new experiences.

We can’t wait for you to experience the singular details of the Staycation and Belle Vue homes at Homes By Dickerson’s Parade of Style during the 2020 Triangle Parade of Homes! For more information about this event, please contact us at 919-205-3404.

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