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All About Curb Appeal

All About Curb Appeal

What do you see when you envision your dream home? The exterior details—the home’s style, color, details, and landscaping—communicate a lot about it. Every homeowner wants their home to stand out from the others on the street—and in a good way. Achieving that is all about curb appeal. And research shows that a home with eye-catching curb appeal sells for about 7% more than those that are less attractive on the outside.

Whether you’re shopping for a new home or preparing to put yours on the market, Homes By Dickerson has some factors for gauging this important feature.

The proportions are right.

Have you ever looked at a home and felt there was something out of balance about it? Maybe there was a confusing use of architectural details that did not flow together. The front porch was too small, the front door too large, or the walkway just plain wrong. Possibly the roof lines seemed like someone did not think it through.

Look for proportionality in the home’s exterior design. The gables, siding, dormers, and details should achieve a balance that you can see and “feel”. When there are contrasting sidings, like wood and stone, one should not overwhelm the other.

You will probably sense the lack of good proportions before you can pinpoint it. Take the time to view how the details relate to one another.

Watch the windows.

The placement of windows on a home can be very telling. When they are done correctly, the home has ample windows with symmetrical placement. For example, if you have windows on one side of the front half of the home, there should be two windows on the opposite end. A builder can save money by omitting windows, so it is a telling sign if you see this flaw in the curb appeal.

Paint problems.

When you are looking at a home, the first thing you notice is the style. The second is the color. If the exterior paint color is unappealing to you, you probably will pass on the property to avoid the expense of repainting it.

If the home needs a paint job, you should wonder what other maintenance has been overlooked by the homeowner.

How does the garden grow?

You might be impressed with the curb appeal that comes with stunning gardens. It is beautiful now but ask yourself if you will be able to handle the upkeep. If not, the lovely view from the street will become an overgrown tangle of unsightly plants and weeds.

Look past the home.

You can find your dream home but if the neighbors are not quite as pristine, your curb appeal will have distinct limitations. When you stand back and take in the view of a home, look left, right, and across the street. Are the neighboring homes as visually enticing? Does the neighborhood have a Homeowner’s Association that governs curb appeal? This is an important consideration when deciding on where to invest in your next home.

The Homes By Dickerson solution

You have many choices when it comes to a home builder. In Raleigh, NC, and Charleston, SC, Homes By Dickerson stands out as the one who prefers to give our buyers something that others don’t: Choices. We work with each homebuyer to come up with a home that is the sum of your details, inside and out. When it is done, you don’t just have a Homes By Dickerson residence. It is completely personalized to you.

We curate the designs to start with architecture and features that buyers want, from townhomes to single-family homes, Modern Farmhouse to Contemporary to Coastal. Our floor plans begin the inspiration process. Together, you and Homes By Dickerson bring that vision “home”.

Raleigh New Home Expo :: Behind the Curb Appeal

Raleigh New Home Expo :: Behind the Curb Appeal

Jenn and Julia in the booth

Thank you to all the REALTORS® that came to the 2014 New Home Expo today at the North Raleigh Hilton! 

This year’s theme “What is Your Curb Appeal?” will focus on exterior options and neighborhood aesthetics. We are really excited about this theme as it gives us the opportunity to showcase one of the many factors that makes Dickerson neighborhoods unique. While brainstorming on ideas for our booth, we knew that we wanted to convey the beauty and elegance found in our neighborhoods and why buying a Homes By Dickerson home is the right choice for your clients. We reviewed pictures, toured neighborhoods and walked through homes before coming to the conclusion that our curb appeal is just a wonderful preview to what you are going to experience when you step through the front door. While the curb appeal will entice your buyers to visit one of our neighborhoods, there are even more reasons “Behind the Curb Appeal” for your clients to build one of our homes! Here are our top 5:


Design: We now offer two locations with professional designers who will consult with your clients every step of the way, providing flexibility to customize plans and layouts.

Commitment: Our exceptionally loyal team is devoted to the service of your clients.

Service: We are not in this business just to sell homes. We establish relationships with your clients by listening, guiding and involving you and your clients through the homebuilding journey to build a home that is right for their life.

Quality: Our homes are high performance green, all Energy Star Certified, crafted to the National Green Building Standard. We use the best materials available and ensure that your client’s home will be built with the highest level of attention to detail.

Craftsmanship: All of our homes are unique, taking your client’s needs and desires into careful consideration.

Thank you again to all who came by the Homes By Dickerson booth and learned about our eight new home communities located throughout the Triangle. Congratulations to our $100 Visa Gift Card winner! Be sure to sign up for our Diamond Club to be the first to learn about our upcoming communities!  To learn more about any of Homes by Dickerson’s communities contact info@homesbydickerson.com | 919.847.4447