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Meet the 2021 Parade of Homes Designers

Meet the 2021 Parade of Homes Designers

With the 2021 Triangle Parade of Homes quickly approaching, we wanted to introduce you to the amazing designers who made our five gorgeous parade homes possible! Olivia Cerrillos, Susan Falcone, and Kelsey Hennington are experienced Homes By Dickerson designers, and have outdone themselves this year to create some of the most fantastic home designs you’ve ever seen. Let’s learn more about these talented designers and what inspired them to create such distinctive designs this year. 





Susan has designed several award-winning model homes for Homes By Dickerson, as well as previous Parade homes. She specializes in creative tilework and works hard to make sure her clients’ personal style always shines through. This year, Susan created the whimsical Mary Alice’s Wonderland and the satisfying Dulce de Leche.


Mary Alice’s Wonderland


mary alices wonderland homes by dickerson


What inspired the look and feel of this home?


The combination of the unique floor plan and the sitting room connector between the family room and primary suite immediately inspired me. The sitting room was the first room in the house that I designed in my head, immediately knowing this house would have a whimsical, vintage vibe. Our project manager’s daughter is named Mary Alice, so Mary Alice’s Wonderland was the perfect name for this home.


What was your favorite part about designing this home?


Can I say all of it? There are so many elements that I’m excited about, but overall, I am just excited to see it all come together. I’m looking forward to seeing if the mood and inspiration behind the design come across for those who tour it!


What do you love most about the Durham area? 


The 751 South community is in a truly ideal location. It’s convenient to great shopping, yet easily accessible for someone working in Raleigh, Wake Forest, or even Chapel Hill! Between the shopping, food, and trails, there’s no shortage of things to do.


Dulce de Leche


dulce de leche design homes by dickerson


What inspired the look and feel of this home?


Your favorite coffee shop or spa — I wanted to create a really crisp and clean home. Inside and out, I wanted there to be a coziness to the home while maintaining a light, bright space. I hope it comes across as a fresh and elegant, yet cozy, home.


What was your favorite part about designing this home?


There are so many spaces in this home that I love, but I think the primary bathroom is my favorite of all! Once we knew this home was going to be entered into the Parade, we were able to make some floor plan adjustments to really amp up the wow factor.


What do you love most about the Wake Forest area?


Wake Forest is in such a great location in the Triangle! You get the best of everything, especially in Blanton’s Creek. This is a small community with large, beautiful lots and easy access to the amenities that Wake Forest has to offer, in addition to all the things that Raleigh and the surrounding areas have — food, entertainment, shopping, trails, sports, etc.





Olivia’s vast and beautiful design portfolio has centered around furnishings, tile, cabinetry, and full-service turn-key remodeling. Olivia’s customers feel at ease with the design process largely because of her pleasant and welcoming personality. This year, Olivia created the historically inspired Catalog Pg. 4 and the eclectic Uptown Funk.


Catalog Pg. 4


pg 4 design homes by dickerson


What inspired the look and feel of this home?


We were inspired by the historic homes of Durham and traditional foursquare architecture  — the wood moldings, stained wood, brick floors, large windows, and symmetry. We wanted this home to feel like a 1910 historic building that has been remodeled and modernized.


What was your favorite part about designing this home?


The interior brick floors were one of my most exciting parts of the build. It takes a lot of time and details to get brick floors just right, but along with the brick porch, that room is definitely going to be a wow factor.


What do you love most about the Durham area? 


Durham has grown so much that there is really something for everyone here! Not only is Durham home to some of the top hospitals and medical research facilities, but it also boasts a thriving artistic scene, the world-renowned Duke University, and a celebrated food scene. Many of our Crystal Lake homeowners chose this area since it is so conveniently located, and it has been great building in a community that makes their commutes to these activities easier!


Uptown Funk



What inspired the look and feel of this home?


The lot that was chosen for this home drove the design and architecture styles. 

Because it’s right on Briar Chapel Parkway, we really wanted it to feel like a downtown or brownstone-type of space, but we also needed to incorporate the fact that it is a single family, freestanding home. We went with an Italianate theme for the exterior, which is rich and detailed, and gave the interior an updated, modern twist. 


What was your favorite part about designing this home?


Combining so many different design styles. The funkiness comes from these multiple design styles coming together to make an eclectic but upscale house that a family can grow into. 


What do you love most about the Chapel Hill area? 


Chapel Hill is a really unique area, and it is known to be an environmentally conscious town. There is always something fun happening in Chapel Hill since there are so many fantastic restaurants, local coffee shops, live music shows, and outdoor activities. Locals in the area love how many natural parks, gardens, and trails there are around town- perfect for walking and biking. The homeowners I have worked with are typically drawn to the area because of the incredible school systems, UNC Hospitals, and quick access to Raleigh/Durham.





Kelsey is passionate about bringing fresh ideas to her clients. With a background in interior design renovations and custom home building, she has an eye for quality and craftsmanship and always incorporates both into her design choices. This year, Kelsey created the industrially chic Missing Manhattan.


Missing Manhattan


missing manhattan design homes by dickerson


What inspired the look and feel of this home?


New York City is one of my favorite places to visit and the meatpacking district/Chelsea neighborhood is one of my favorite areas because of the old, industrial feel. Due to the pandemic, I haven’t been able to travel there for almost two years now, and I was “Missing Manhattan!”


What was your favorite part about designing this home?


I loved getting creative in finding ways to make a new house have an older, industrial feel. From the obvious brick and reclaimed lumber to the less apparent finishes like tile and cabinet colors, this project challenged me in all the best ways.


What do you love most about the Wendell area?


You can feel like you’re in a completely different place by driving 20-30 minutes in any direction! I love the downtown vibe, but you can get to more quaint neighborhoods like North Hills, North Raleigh, Brier Creek, and Wendell Falls in a matter of minutes. Wendell is great because you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city but still have everything you need in a super cool urban setting.

We cannot wait to see these five beautiful homes when they are unveiled at the 2021 Parade of Homes this October, and we hope you’ll join us! For more information on the Parade and how you can see these Homes By Dickerson designer homes, visit Our Parade of Style webpage.

How Much Does It Cost To Live in Raleigh, NC?

How Much Does It Cost To Live in Raleigh, NC?

If you’re considering a move to Raleigh, NC, especially from major coastal cities like Los Angeles or New York, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the cost of living compared to the awesome quality of life here in the City of Oaks. From a cup of gourmet coffee to a beautiful new home, you’ll love the variety, quality, and most of all, price!


Cost of Living in Raleigh, NC


cost of buying a home in raleigh nc




How much you pay for a home will vary according to size, age and location. The median cost of a home in Raleigh is $360,891 (Zillow),Typically, homes in the suburban areas will be less expensive than those intown, but this depends on whether or not it is new construction, the amenities in the community, and finish level of the home. Any way you look at it, the cost of housing in Raleigh is considerably less than on either coast. The Raleigh housing market is nearly 152% less expensive than the Los Angeles market, and about 148% less expensive than in New York City.




Utilities in Raleigh cost about 50% less than they do in New York City. Though that’s due in some part to the newer construction and more energy efficient systems and appliances in many homes, weather is also a factor. It costs less to warm a home in the winter in North Carolina. Winter lows in New York are consistently below freezing, while in Raleigh, even if the temperatures dip at night, the days warm up considerably with plenty of sunshine.




Raleigh is primarily a driving city, though it does offer public bus and light rail service. Whether you travel by car or bus, the cost of transportation is significantly less than in New York or Los Angeles. A one-way trip on public transit in Raleigh costs just $1.25 compared to a $2.75 ticket in New York. And if you’ve got a car, you’ll do a lot less driving in Raleigh than in Los Angeles. Raleigh is a mere 147 square miles compared to L.A.’s 503! 




Healthcare in Raleigh is quite reasonable, in part because of the university medical centers that provide access to quality, low-cost care. Healthcare costs about 35% less than it does in NYC, though it is more comparable to costs in L.A. A self-pay doctor’s visit in Raleigh costs about $100 and a regular trip to the dentist costs about the same amount.


cost of living raleigh nc


A Cup of Coffee


Here’s the information that you really came to this blog post for! A tall Caff Americano at Starbucks in Raleigh costs about $3.55, while the same cup of Joe in New York costs about $3.68.


Overall, it makes great financial sense to live in Raleigh, especially if you are moving from either coast. While these cost of living indexes alone might help you in your decision, remember that you’ll also save a ton of money on recreation and activities. There are countless ways to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in North Carolina, many of which don’t cost a dime. 

If you’re interested in relocating and need information on new homes in the Raleigh area, contact us at 919-205-3404. We’d love to help you discover The Home of Your Life in Raleigh!

See Style Reimagined at the 2021 Parade of Homes in Raleigh

See Style Reimagined at the 2021 Parade of Homes in Raleigh

Homes By Dickerson to Showcase Five Homes at the 2021 Triangle Parade of Homes


Whether you are searching for a new home in the Triangle, or just seeking design inspiration, you won’t want to miss the 2021 Triangle Parade of Homes. This year, our extraordinary designers have outdone themselves, highlighting five gorgeous Homes By Dickerson plans with such sublime design that it will be hard to walk away. 


Whether you’re in the market for a new home today or in the future, these homes will set the bar for what to expect from an expertly-crafted, high-performance, healthy living space. And when you buy or build a home with us, you get to personalize everything from the floor plan to the finishes. The same talented designers who created these inspired themes will work with you personally to make your new home just as singular and stunning.


New Home Features


Each of the five homes on the Parade of Homes will be available to purchase, along with every design detail you find inside. These are just examples of what Homes By Dickerson can build and personalize for you. All of our homes are spacious and light-filled, with open-concept living areas and thoughtful details like built-in shelving, retreat-like owners’ suites, and creative lighting. Each home is Built for Life, which underscores our commitment to our customers’ comfort, health, money, and impact on the environment. 


2021 Parade of Homes in Raleigh


Come visit these stunning homes for yourself and let us know which is your favorite. (Warning: it will be hard to choose just one!) The Parade of Homes is October 2-3, 8-10, 15-17, 2021, and you can tour these homes from 12-5 p.m. 


For more information about the 2021 Parade of Homes, you can visit the website or call us at 919-205-3404 to learn more about the Homes By Dickerson show homes. We can’t wait to see if one of these spectacular plans is The Home of Your Life!


Mary Alice’s Wonderland | The Cheshire


homes by dickerson mary alices wonderland


Dulce de Leche | The Riverwalk


homes by dickerson dulche de leche


Missing Manhattan | The Jackson


homes by dickerson manhattan


Uptown Funk | The Brooklyn



Catalog Pg. 4 | The Roebuck


homes by dickerson pg 4

Global Companies are Moving to Raleigh: Here’s Why

Global Companies are Moving to Raleigh: Here’s Why

Raleigh and the surrounding areas of the Triangle have been steadily and consistently attracting top talent and big names in tech for the last few decades. While it’s no surprise that some of the world’s biggest corporations  – Apple and Google, among others — have announced plans to develop campuses in Research Triangle Park, the news is still incredibly exciting and indicative of the area’s future economic success. So what’s the attraction for these huge corporations with such deep pockets? Why the Triangle over other tech-driven markets? More and more, here are the factors that are proving irresistible to Big Tech.


Why are Tech Companies Moving to Raleigh, NC?


Top talent is here. Since the 1960s, Research Triangle Park’s growth and success has been primarily driven by a cluster of top tier research universities that produce 9,000 graduates a year: Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill, and NC State are nationally ranked for research programs in medicine, new technologies, biomedical sciences, the environment, data science, and engineering, among others. Raleigh and the surrounding cities have focused heavily on creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship to entice and retain these recent college graduates. 


Low cost of living: Compared to the “other” tech mecca of San Francisco, Raleigh is about 163% less expensive. From food and transportation to housing and healthcare, the dollar stretches much further in the Triangle, meaning residents have a higher disposable income, which in turn helps fuel the local economy. In 2020, Raleigh saw the most out-of-state relocations from New York, Washington DC, and Miami, which are all more expensive metros. 


Attractive housing market: Even with housing costs increasing in Raleigh, it’s still a great time to buy a home. Home prices have increased by about 17% from June 2020 to June 2021 (Zillow), and have increased over 40% from five years ago. The market shows no sign of slowing, presenting a great investment opportunity for homebuyers to build equity quickly. With so many prospects moving to the area, and with home builders and developers buying land to help meet demand, new home starts are predicted to grow 7% or more in 2021 (Builder Online). Additionally, salaries in Raleigh continue to climb while interest rates remain at historic lows, which translates to greater buying power. 


Work hard, play harder: Central North Carolina has some of the best weather and most beautiful natural landscapes in the country. Residents enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities throughout all four seasons, including hiking, mountain biking, rafting, paddling, horseback riding, and more. The Triangle offers world-class dining, shopping, and entertainment, while many of the smaller commuter towns have charming historic districts and plenty of local personality. 

These are just a few of the reasons why Apple is investing $1 billion over 10 years to establish a campus at Research Triangle Park, bringing with it an estimated 3,000 jobs with an average salary of $187,000, and Google is coming to Durham to create a new engineering hub and 1,000 new jobs. These are just the more recognizable names. Companies like IPM Chirana — a ventilator maker, and Grail, Inc. — a research company focused on multi-cancer early detection, are investing in the Triangle, bringing thousands of jobs and continuing to stimulate an already booming economy. They say Raleigh is an emerging market, but we say it has already broken through.

Community Coming Soon: The Overlook

Community Coming Soon: The Overlook

Close enough to the city to boast a Raleigh address, but far enough away to enjoy scenic, country-style living, The Overlook – the latest new home community from Homes By Dickerson – is the ideal location to enjoy the best of North Carolina. Just minutes from I-540, Hwy 98, and Hwy50/Creedmoor Road, everywhere you need to go is just minutes away, but coming home will always be the best part of your day.


This boutique community near Falls Lake State Recreation Area is nestled in a lush green landscape and will offer a limited number of distinctive, tree-lined lots. Each home will feature stunning wooded views, perfect for enjoying sunrise or sunset in total privacy and peace. 


Customizable New Home Plans


You’ll have the opportunity to build your new home exactly the way you want when you choose one of your unique, fully-customizable floor plans. The Home of Your Life is much more than just spacious rooms and modern finishes (though you’ll get plenty of those, too). 


Each Homes By Dickerson home is built for performance using the best products and materials, to make sure your home is operating at peak efficiency. Our homes are built for health, and we make thoughtful decisions when choosing products that help improve the air you breathe indoors. Most importantly, our homes are built for you. You have the flexibility, custom design options, and access to world-class architecture and design teams to build a home that perfectly reflects your unique style and personality. 


The Overlook will be an enclave of homes with inspired design, thoughtful architecture, and outstanding craftsmanship, starting in the $800s. To be one of first to secure your home choice in this spectacular location, please con

Home Design Trends For 2021

Home Design Trends For 2021

There’s no better time than the beginning of a new year to give your home a “mini makeover.” As you look ahead to 2021, think about the areas of your home that you’d like to spruce up a little (or a lot)! From warm, earthy tones to house plants, there are so many fun trends to try out in your favorite spaces. Take a look at a few top design trends for 2021 that our designers recommend.

Interior Home Design Trends


House Plants: If you love the calming, natural vibe of house plants, situate them throughout your favorite spaces, like your kitchen, bedroom, or family room. This is an easy way to spruce up your home without having to make a big adjustment. Try herbs, peace lilies, English ivy, pothos, Chinese evergreens, and more to brighten up your rooms. You can also add pops of color and personality with unique planters.


Statement Headboards: Nothing says “relaxation” quite like a beautifully designed bedroom. And nothing completes a well-rounded look than a statement headboard for the bed. This year, it’s all about vibrant, lively headboards that become a focal point in the room. From tufted and nailhead styles, to geometric patterns and bright colors, the options are endless. Plus, you can paint an accent wall behind it to complement the look!

Home office.

Home Office: If you’ve already designated a flexible space as an office, you’re ahead of the trend! We’re predicting that home offices are here to stay, which gives you countless opportunities to design and decorate your space, and change it up when you’re ready for something new. The most important thing is to create an office that you’re comfortable working in every day, whether that includes calming plants, accessories like photos and wall art, a soothing wall color, floating bookshelves, a trendy ladder, warm lighting, etc. 

Living room.

Warm, Earthy Tones: Now more than ever, we love the idea of a warm and comforting aura at home. That’s why earthy tones are the perfect colors to incorporate into your spaces, whether as wall colors, in furniture and accessories, throughout table displays and bedding, and more. The natural, earthy look can be created with browns, tans, yellows, warm grays, ivory, soft shades of green, and more — play around with these hues and see what feels best!

Flex Space.

Multipurpose Spaces: Now that you’re spending more time at home, it makes sense to maximize your flexible spaces. For example, if your kids are currently taking virtual classes, you can create a virtual classroom that doubles as a playroom or rec room for after school. For a cozy home office, add storage shelves, a desk, and a chair to your family room (or even your bedroom)! You can also use a flexible room as a home gym and hobby/crafts area, so you and your kids can both utilize the space.

Contemporary Style: No matter the style of your home, whether farmhouse or traditional, we love the look of contemporary touches here and there. Believe it or not, the “grandmillennial” trend is making a huge splash in homes — and it’s so much fun to get creative with! This up-and-coming style is all about comfort, and incorporating the “homey” decor pieces you might find in your grandparents’ home into modern spaces. The grandmillennial trend includes things like floral wallpaper, rattan coffee tables, antique paintings, scalloped lampshades, delicate china, crocheted throws, and more. Try it out and see what feels right!


From all of us at Homes By Dickerson, we hope you enjoy sprucing up your home in 2021!

Fun and Easy Ways to Shop For Your Home

Fun and Easy Ways to Shop For Your Home

This holiday season, shopping for your new home has never been easier (or more fun)! At Homes By Dickerson, we have different ways for you to explore our new homes, so you can choose the one you’re most comfortable with. Prefer to take a private tour with a team member? We have you covered. Rather explore from the comfort of your couch? You got it.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome the new year with the ultimate gift for you and your family — complete with all-new systems and appliances, an open-concept layout, flexible rooms, outdoor living, plenty of storage, high-end details, and so much more — our team can’t wait to make your holiday dreams come true!


Options for New Home Tours


Video Chat Tour: Your new home is just a click away. Browse our communities and give us a call to schedule a video chat tour with one of our agents! Get a one on one tour of our homes, communities, and design center all from your phone or computer. Our agents look forward to answering any questions you may have.

Private Tour: If you want to tour a home in person, you can schedule a private and safe tour that adheres to current guidelines. Everything will be sanitized regularly, and we ask that you wear a mask and maintain social distancing. 

The story of your family is bound by the special details; the laughter and secrets you share, the meals and messes you create. And it all happens right at home. In a brand new living space that’s expertly designed to today’s high standards of quality — and your high standards of comfort — you will begin the most rewarding chapters of your life. We can’t wait to get started!

For more information and to schedule a tour, please contact us at 919-205-3404.

Open House Events Every Weekend in December

Open House Events Every Weekend in December

One of the joys of the holiday season is Open Houses. The comfort of visiting friends and family. The excitement of seeing homes decked out in their holiday finery. The warmth of firelight and hospitality. 

At Homes By Dickerson, we couldn’t agree more. So we’re hosting an entire month of Open House Events! Every weekend in December, you are invited to visit a variety of move-in ready homes at our communities throughout the Triangle. 

Join us for some holiday spirit while you relax and enjoy our beautiful homes. Savor holiday goodies (and maybe a bit of serenity) as you tour and let the timeless details and exquisite quality surround you. 

We look forward to welcoming you from 12-4pm on Saturdays, and 1-4pm on Sundays at these communities. Private appointments are available. 



Briar Chapel | Chapel Hill, NC

Model Home | 1342 Briar Chapel Parkway


751 South | Durham, NC

Homesite 316 | 1025 Tannin Drive


Crystal Lake | Durham, NC

Model Home | 1005 Laurelwood Drive


Sunset Bluffs | Fuquay Varina, NC

Homesite 251 | 2401 Plowridge Road


Henderson Place | Pittsboro, NC

Homesite 4251 | 4251 Henderson Place


Nexton | Summerville, SC

Homesite 519 | 178 Winding Branch Drive

For more information about our December Open House Events, contact Whitney White at 919-646-8771 or whitney@homesbydickerson.com.

Tips For a Safe Thanksgiving

Tips For a Safe Thanksgiving

This year may look different than others, but you can still experience the fun and festive Thanksgiving you look forward to! With a few adjustments and safety precautions, this year’s holiday will feel just as warm and joyful as it always has. At Homes By Dickerson, we believe that connection is the key to a happier life — and we want you to share a happy (and safe) Thanksgiving with your loved ones from the comfort of your new home in North Carolina. Take a look at our helpful tips for making this year’s holiday just as special as the last.

Tips for a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving


Change Your Perspective: Change doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, if you look at the situation from a new perspective, you’ll be able to spot the silver linings, and most importantly, find time to relax and have a laugh. It may be hard to accept that a large gathering with family from out of town isn’t practical this year — but there are still so many fun and easy ways to safely connect with everyone while enjoying your normal traditions.

FamilyHost Dinner Outside: If you have family around your home in North Carolina, you may feel confident about the decision to have a small gathering. Get creative and have some fun serving dinner outside on your porch, patio, or deck. Space out chairs for added safety, and incorporate fun, mini hand sanitizers into your placemat displays. If you love a good DIY project, make family face masks!

Cook (Virtually) Together: Even if you can’t physically be together, you can still connect and cook with your loved ones. Set up a video call with your phone, computer, or iPad on your kitchen island, and prepare your meal as you normally would while enjoying the virtual company of family with your favorite music in the background. Once the meal’s ready, keep the video call going while you enjoy it!

thanksgiving table setting

Dive Into Decor: If you’re preparing to enjoy a quiet dinner at home, make plans to decorate your table as you typically would. This will make the holiday feel as “normal” as possible, while keeping you busy with something you enjoy doing. Plus, with fewer places at the table to set up, you can focus on a beautiful, intricate centerpiece that lets you get creative and do something different. 

Treat Yourself: Yes, this is just as important as anything else! Dealing with change is not always easy, even if it’s temporary. And we want you to know that you’ve done an incredible job adjusting to a new situation. This holiday, take the time to treat yourself, whether that means indulging in an extra slice of pumpkin pie or saving the dishes for later so you can cozy up on the couch to enjoy a Thanksgiving movie marathon. 

From all of us at Homes By Dickerson, we hope you have a happy and safe holiday!

Build a Custom Home in Raleigh

Build a Custom Home in Raleigh

At Homes By Dickerson, we believe your home is much more than walls and fixtures — it’s your place in the world. It’s where you will live your life. That’s why we build your custom home in Raleigh as if we were building it for our own families. Our team takes the time to meet with you and understand your lifestyle, so that we can create a home that fits you just right. We’ll figure out which rooms are needed or unnecessary, how much space you desire, and the look and feel that best complements your personal style. 

Our four state-of-the-art Design Centers display an array of high-quality interior and exteriors sections for you to choose from. With the help of our experienced designers, you’ll start bringing your unique vision to life, from your fixtures to your cabinets and countertops, and everything in between. Our goal is to create a customized home atmosphere that makes you feel safe, secure, and comfortable, no matter what’s going on outside. 

The Process of Building a Custom Raleigh Home Exterior

Of course, the process begins with you — your dreams and your goals. No matter how you prefer to get acclimated to our homes, whether that’s by browsing our visual galleries and floor plans, driving our communities, or even meeting neighbors, this is your time to imagine the life you want to live in a Homes By Dickerson home.

Next, you’ll choose the perfect Raleigh community for you and your family. We believe that where you live determines how you live, which is why we create our custom homes in only the best neighborhoods. We’ll help you determine what you want in terms of surroundings, conveniences, and lifestyle — so whether you want to be closer to downtown, enjoy a shorter commute, or benefit from a larger home site in a tranquil setting, our team will provide you with options that make sense for you.

When it comes to customizing your home, we offer two unique options:

Modify an existing plan in our portfolio

  • Choose one of our existing, award-winning floor plans and customize to fit your family’s needs
  • Place a refundable lot hold on your home site while we finalize your plan and pricing details

Create a custom design

  • Sit down with our on-staff licensed architect to review your goals and needs
  • Get inspired by plans we have done in the past or start from scratch 
  • The design agreement fee can be applied towards the purchase price of your new home

Once you’ve chosen the features and finishes of your home, you’ll have the opportunity to review your personalized pricing and specifications. This will help give you an idea on how to maximize your self-appointed investment range, as well as stay within that range during the process.  Kitchen.

After the details are finalized, you’ll be able to review Homes By Dickerson’s Purchase Agreement, as well as ask any questions before moving forward with paperwork. You’ll receive finalized drawings to ensure that our team has accurately captured your unique vision.

Design center.

Next, we’ll complete the finishing touches — arguably the most fun part of the process! Your personal designer will work closely with you (up to 15 hours) in one of our Design Centers to choose the colors and finishes that reflect your style and preferences.

Throughout different milestones of construction, you’ll have several scheduled opportunities to meet with your project manager onsite and view your home. Whether it’s your electrical walk-through or interior trim walk, you’ll see your home throughout its various stages and be prepared for your homeowner orientation to review final details before closing.

Before we present you with the key to your new home (yes, it’s just as exciting as it sounds!) your closing coordinator will ensure that all details are accounted for and shared with the closing attorney at settlement. Then, once you have closed on The Home of Your Life, you’ll meet with your client care representative, who will guide you through the first year as a Homes By Dickerson homeowner. Our warranty process involves three-month and ten-month walk-throughs, as well as helpful information on maintenance details.

Enjoy the Opportunities in Raleigh Raleigh

If you currently live in or near a larger city, you may be at a point in your life where the hustle and bustle doesn’t excite you anymore. In a neighborhood outside of Raleigh, a small town with a big personality, you have the best of both worlds. You’ll enjoy the peace and quiet of a scenic, secure neighborhood, while being close to the things you love downtown, without all of the traffic, congestion, high prices, and cramped space of larger cities. Outdoor living

If you prefer the intimacy of a local coffee shop or family-owned restaurant, where there’s always a friendly face to see, a neighborhood outside of Raleigh is the place for you. At home, you’ll enjoy the comfort of an open-concept living area that’s designed for connection, along with a wide open outdoor area to enjoy the seasons — then when you’re looking for a downtown excursion, you have the family-friendly fun of Raleigh just a short drive away. From shopping and dining to outdoor recreation (did we mention the beach and skiing opportunities are just a short road trip away?) you can enjoy the things you love, and return to a home and community that feel just right.

Build a Custom Home in Raleigh

When you choose to build a personalized Homes By Dickerson home in a safe, secure Raleigh neighborhood, you aren’t just choosing a beautiful house with beautiful surroundings — you’re choosing peace of mind for today, tomorrow, and every day after that. You’re choosing a lifestyle that’s rooted in simplicity, so you can enjoy your time the way you want to, without anything standing in your way. And of course, with our caring, knowledgeable team by your side, you can be sure that your experience building The Home of Your Life will be just as enjoyable as living in it. 

If you’re ready to move to a custom home in Raleigh, all of us at Homes By Dickerson can’t wait to help make your ideal lifestyle a reality. For more information, please contact us at 919-205-3404.