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A Fond Farewell to Barton’s Grove!

A Fond Farewell to Barton’s Grove!

It is always bittersweet when we finish building in a neighborhood, especially when it is a neighborhood which we single-handedly developed.  While the bottom line of our work may be to build homes, sell homes and move on to the next location- the passion and attention to detail that we give to our neighborhoods causes us to reflect on the journey from start to finish.

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Barton’s Grove has a personal sentiment for me.  It was a dream of mine to work for the best custom builder in this area, one that valued its employees and cared about its clients.  Homes By Dickerson was not just my top choice, it was the only choice for me.  During my extensive interview process, I was asked to attend the Grand Opening of their newest community: Barton’s Grove.  I was in awe from the moment I turned my car over to the valet and stood in front of the community’s entrance.  I remember seeing green…everywhere.  Lush carpets of green grass over gently rolling hills, mass amounts of trees thick with green leaves.  It was absolutely breathtaking and I knew that a builder who could do this, a builder who could work in conjunction with the natural elements of the land and create exquisite homes which added to those elements rather than detracting from them, was the builder for me.  Homes By Dickerson had taken a piece of land and transformed it, developed it into a work of art, where it would become an enclave of 42 home sites.

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Over the next few years, Barton’s Grove would become a private neighborhood of luxury, custom-built homes, a perfect oasis for our specific home buyer.  Great care was taken to create a unified look throughout, beginning with the rustic elegance of the entry monument, complete with stone, lanterns and manicured open space. This look continued through the groves with the carefully-planned hardscapes (stone and lanterns) in front of each home.  Rolling hills wound their way through the community with beautiful wooded views at each turn making our unique vision come to life.

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We had the privilege of building 42 different custom designs.  We challenged ourselves and pushed out our creative boundaries, resulting in award-winning design and quality craftsmanship, and now we celebrate the closing of the very last home in Barton’s Grove.

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I mentioned the bittersweet feeling involved because that is exactly what it is-a combination of excitement over the completion of a job well done and sadness as we say farewell to an old friend.  Many, many hours have been poured into this enclave of homes by our entire team from initial planning stages and clearing to design, construction, sales and client care.  We have all had a hand in the success of Barton’s Grove and reminiscently remove our branded signage, sweep the streets one last time, and get ready for our next opportunity…

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