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Lagniappe Rose

The harmony of tradition and new ideas.

Welcome to Lagniappe Rosé, our sophisticated take on a New Orleans-inspired home. Here, gold details contrast beautifully against a bold color palette of rich emerald greens and feminine blush tones. Inspired by the romantic spirit and architecture of New Orleans, this home has the je ne sais quoi you can feel in your soul.

Lagniappe (lan-yap) is a Cajun-French inspired word that means “a little extra.” Often used to describe something good, lagniappe is the New Orleans term for receiving anything extra- making it the perfect name for this home.

First Floor


Located in the heart of Chatham County, Pittsboro offers a strong sense of community and respect to its diverse group of residents. This wonderfully small town is home to some of the state’s most talented artists and passionate farmers as well as charming antique shops, growing software developers and bio-fuel research and production companies. Home to a charming downtown area and The Chatham County Courthouse, Pittsboro features The Chatham Mills Farmer’s Market, restaurants such as The Pittsboro Road House, The FireClay Cellars wine shop, breweries, and a distillery-Fair Game Beverage Company Wine and Spirits- where “fresh and local” are staples of their industry. Local retail businesses offer everything from vintage furniture and fine art to handcrafted jewelry and the latest fashions.

Chatham Park
Pittsboro, NC