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Current Kitchen Design Trends

Current Kitchen Design Trends

The place where you enjoy your morning coffee, prepare evening meals, and hang out with your family, the kitchen really is “the heart of the home.” At Homes By Dickerson, we design all of our beautiful, modern, efficient kitchens to enhance your daily routine. Here are a few trending design features we’re seeing that will inspire you to turn your kitchen into your all-time dream space:

Full Height Granite or Quartz Backsplash 

Imagine the look of Italian marble but infinitely more durable and practical. In this application, granite or quartz runs from the countertops all the way to the ceiling, creating a seamless look. It adds sophistication and warmth to any kitchen. 

The Look of Black Marble  

There is something infinite about black marble. It’s been used in so many variations for eons – walls and floors, mantles and countertops. It’s instantly recognizable yet avante garde. The black marble “look” is easily and practically obtained via porcelain floor tile or quartz countertops. 

Wide Plank Floors 

Wide plank wood flooring adds instant charm and depth to any room. The unique grain and natural color variations of hardwoods are classics for a reason. Combine the warm tones of stained floors with a cooler hue for a more modern look. 

Warm Wood Cabinetry 

While white kitchens will always have a place in the design pantheon, there’s something inevitably comforting about wood cabinetry. These elegant maple cabinets feature a modern design and a clear stain/painted finish combo, giving them a contemporary yet familiar feel. 

Open Shelving 

Whether for storing everyday items or displaying decorative treasures, open shelving has been around for centuries. But if you’re thinking “country kitchen”, think again! In this case, open shelves enhanced with a dark tile background are a central feature in a contemporary kitchen with light and dark cabinets and a cozy feel. 

Brass or Brushed Gold Fixtures & Cabinet Hardware 

The current trend in brass & brushed gold is soft and sophisticated. When paired with a classic blue & white color palette, the effect is cool and timeless. 

Bold Use of Color & Patterns  

For decades, color was used only as an accent in kitchens. But recently, a bolder use of color has been trending. Cabinets in saturated tones. Countertops with striking hues. Tile backsplashes that are works of art. It’s a great way to add personality to the room you spend so much time in! 

Our Favorite Trends in Outdoor Living

Our Favorite Trends in Outdoor Living

One of the best parts of every Homes By Dickerson home is its unbelievable outdoor living spaces. We build in such picturesque neighborhoods in Raleigh, Pinehurst and Charleston. Our decks and porches give our homeowners the opportunity to enjoy the scenery… among other things! These unique features add more entertaining space, along with everyday living space. 


Our experienced designers have rounded up their favorite ways to enjoy the summer days ahead, with the latest trends in outdoor living features and design options.


Just add fire

Why settle for a firepit when you can have built-in heat? Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to extend your outdoor experience in the chilly spring/fall weather. We love the cozy ambience they add to our already incredible porches. 

Try porch gardening 

Imagine a carefree kitchen garden or an eye-catching floral tapestry on your deck. Grow veggies & herbs with vertical gardening techniques that are easy to care for and harvest. Create colorful container gardens with unique pots and interesting combinations of annuals, perennials and shrubs. 

Go for the comfy couch

Say goodbye to that old picnic table. It’s time to embrace outdoor furniture that is comfortable and stylish, with woven textures, bold colors or curvy lines. Soft couches or settees, plush outdoor rugs, pillows and blankets. Your outdoor living room will get just as much use as your indoor space!

Hi-tech meets the great outdoors   

Homeowners are bringing the indoors outside. By integrating cutting-edge tech like outdoor kitchens and open air sound systems into their porches, they’re creating unique and useful living spaces. Add a screen and projector for a fun way to enjoy your favorite films under the stars.

Work alfresco 

Post-covid, some people are still working remotely and want to change up the space where they spend their days. Who wouldn’t want an office with a view of the woods? All you need is a comfy chair, a table, and your laptop to make your screened porch into the office of your dreams! 

However you choose to dress up your outdoor space, it’s sure to be a highlight of your new Homes By Dickerson home. We can’t think of a better way to enjoy the great outdoors than right in your own backyard. For more information, please connect with us or call us at (919) 205-3404.

How to Design with Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year: Very Peri

How to Design with Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year: Very Peri

Carefree, curious, creative — these are all words that have been used to describe Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year, Very Peri (PANTONE 17-3938). This new and fresh periwinkle-like purple is a member of the blue family, but its violet red undertone makes it playful and interesting. 

Here’s how Pantone describes the color: “With trends in gaming, the expanding popularity of the metaverse, and rising artistic community in the digital space, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri illustrates the fusion of modern life and how color trends in the digital world are being manifested in the physical world and vice versa.”

So if Very Peri excites you, how exactly do you use it in home design? We have a few suggestions:


Neutral With a Touch of Color

Very Peri is an intensely saturated, bright, and unique color, so starting with small applications and pairing it with neutrals like ivory and green is a great way to introduce it into your home. You can:

  • Use it as a wall accent color in a bedroom or office. You’ll be inspired from the moment you wake up or sit down to work.
  • Bring in peeks of the color in decor like a patterned rug, floral arrangements, pillows, an upholstered chair, or artwork.
  • Combine it not only with natural colors, but also natural elements — like woven baskets, rugs or light wood accents — to play off its calming qualities. 


Bold & Beautiful

Very Peri is not a color to be ignored! Play up its statement-making qualities and make it front and center. You can:

  • Use a lighter version on full walls of a room, such as a dining room or study, to feel a fresh feeling.
  • Opt for the fully-saturated color on the walls of smaller spaces, such as a bathroom, study, or den.
  • Bring it outside and paint your front door or shutters this imaginative color to add a bit of whimsy.
  • Look for large-scale artwork with this as a prominent color to display on a neutral wall. 


However you choose to use Very Peri, it’s sure to inspire joy, creativity, and imagination! For more design ideas, browse our gallery or contact us to schedule a tour of a model home.

Create a Peaceful Retreat with 2022’s New Home Design Trends

Create a Peaceful Retreat with 2022’s New Home Design Trends

In 2022, it’s all about peaceful, calming, well-edited interiors. With many people still spending more time indoors, and an overall emphasis on minimizing stress of any kind, interior designers are transforming homes into retreat-like havens that incorporate soothing color palettes, natural materials, and spaces that can be… well… whatever you need. Whether you are designing an entire home, or just want to refresh a few rooms, here are the top new home design trends for the new year.


New Home Design Trends for 2022


Serene Green

In line with the overall trend of all things natural and soothing, green is making its way into every designer’s look book as a must-have accent color in 2022. Earthy, organic greens like sage, olive, and forest de-stress and revitalize, and are associated with nature and growth. Use green anywhere you need a pop of color or need to feel energized, like a wall, accent chair, or pillows. You could even try removing window coverings to highlight your green landscape outside — it’s like built-in wall art!

Organic Materials

Playing right into the natural theme, this is the year to bring more organic materials into your interior design. Look for furniture and accessories in natural-finish wood, wicker, rattan, stone or ceramic, and natural fiber rugs like wool, cotton, or jute. Even mirrors and other wall art can take a million different natural forms. These organic materials create a calm and cozy feeling — a great way to combat the higher stress levels of the last few years. Designers fully expect this to be a long-term design trend as we all seek to lead simpler, less chaotic lives. A great side benefit is that these materials are sustainable and can easily be repurposed.

Flexible Spaces

Like plastic straws, single-use rooms are out. Multifunctional spaces are in — ones that can transform and change along with your life. A bonus room might be both a private study and a home gym, or a loft may start out as a child’s playroom then transform into a homework station. Even an open-concept living space can be flexible in that it allows you to place furniture whenever it makes the most sense during a particular period in your life.

Dedicated Home Offices

More people continue to work from home these days, and trying to focus in a highly trafficked room or clearing a space on the already-messy dining table just doesn’t cut it. In order to be “on” and professional, find a room or space in your home that can serve as a home office and nothing else (hello, flex room!). Bring in all the things that make you feel comfortable, inspired, and productive — like great lighting, a quality chair, bookshelves, photos, awards, and collectibles. Make this office “off limits” while you’re working, and your feeling of accomplishment will soar.


With many of us still spending so much time at home, we need our spaces to feel airy and open, no matter their size. Minimalism is both a way of life and a design aesthetic that can help accomplish that. Use only what’s necessary; keep only what’s meaningful and important. Decluttering your home goes a long way toward decluttering your mind so that you can rest more peacefully and focus when necessary.


Minimalism is the way to go for furniture and decor, but in 2022, designers say bring in all the plants you can! Indoor plants have mood-boosting benefits like reducing stress, increasing focus, boosting productivity, and more. Not to mention, they help purify the air by converting carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen — perfect if you’re spending long periods of time indoors. 

Outdoor Rooms

It’s no longer simply the “patio” or “deck.” More designers are transforming these spaces into full outdoor living spaces. It’s an easy way to enjoy more livable square footage in your home without actually adding any rooms. Bring in multiple seating arrangements, a cozy bistro table for coffee and breakfast, soft rugs for underfoot, and ambient lighting to make this one of the most used rooms in the home. 

Mixed the Old and the New

One of the easiest ways to give a new house that instant feeling of “home” is to incorporate vintage pieces alongside your newer decor. This helps to soften the “newness,” creating that lived-in, warm feeling of a home with a history. Choose older pieces with clean lines, like Shaker-style furniture, that can fit into any design aesthetic. 

From all of us at Homes By Dickerson, we hope your new year — and your new home — is happy, peaceful, and rejuvenating. Happy designing!

Interior Design Styles

Interior Design Styles

Homes By Dickerson believes your home should be an original — designed and built exclusively for you. Whether your taste is contemporary and minimalist, or traditional and extravagant, our award-winning home designers will work closely with you to achieve an incredible-looking home that perfectly reflects your style. Here are a few of the most popular design styles our team has had the pleasure of completing recently for our customers!


Popular Home Interior Design Plans for 2022 


Modern Colonial

This style is characterized by grand entrances, dark polished wood, neutral walls, and luxurious textures on items like sofas, pillows, and chairs. Global influences appear throughout modern colonial style, through unique textiles and/or interesting prints. There’s also a slightly tropical vibe, with large palms and other tropical plants making an appearance, as well as classic cane chairs, and accents made from natural materials.


Modern Cottage

Modern cottage style borrows elements from nostalgic country homes to achieve a cozy, warm feeling, but is updated  to appeal to modern sensibilities. Do keep traditional cottage elements, like natural materials — wood beams and flooring, exposed brick, woven textiles — a welcoming fireplace, and of course, a farmhouse sink. Don’t overwhelm the space with too much furniture or too many trinkets — keep it light and airy with neutral walls and well-organized, open kitchen shelving.


French Country

French country design takes its cue from the estates of Provence with their maximalist aesthetics. Think floral curtains against a backdrop of floral wallpaper, with intricately-designed furniture. Of course, the modern look is a bit more toned down, but retains some of the extravagant styling, such as on light fixtures, framed portraits, or iron stair balusters. 


Dark and Moody

Some rooms in the home just require more peace and quiet — bedrooms, a library, or even a small den or living room. Whether you need a space to catch up on sleep, watch movies, or bury yourself in a good book, there are ways to achieve the look without going overboard. Balance dark painted walls with light flooring, furniture, and even houseplants to prevent the space from feeling too cave-like.


Contemporary Minimalist

Simple but never boring, contemporary minimalism is all about focusing on one striking aspect of a room. That might mean opting for white walls in order to focus the eye on the stunning floor-to-ceiling windows. Or keeping all the furniture monochromatic to highlight an impressive fireplace. There is actually a lot of creativity in minimalist design; and it is a style that’s hard to achieve without careful thought and intentional focus. 



The coastal aesthetic is achieved by incorporating elements, materials, and colors from the seaside into your home. With shades of blues and greens, natural materials such as driftwood, hemp rope, and seashells, and light and airy fabrics like cotton and linen, the effect is calming, serene, and entirely peaceful. 


Modern Tudor

The modern tudor interior design style is characterized by stately decor, bright and open spaces, unobstructed windows, ceiling treatments, and iron finishes — all while maintaining the comfort of a family home. 


Modern Farmhouse

Whitewashed walls, timber beams, and contrasting metals embody this mix of contemporary and country, calm and cozy. While nothing should be overly fragile, the space should maintain a certain sophistication. Neutral color palettes are the base for the contemporary component of this style, mixed with anything that is rustic, distressed or natural.


Homes By Dickerson’s award-winning design team can help you create your version of these beautiful styles. Read more about our design process, browse our gallery, then contact us at 919-205-3404 to get started building The Home of Your Life!

Meet the 2021 Parade of Homes Designers

Meet the 2021 Parade of Homes Designers

With the 2021 Triangle Parade of Homes quickly approaching, we wanted to introduce you to the amazing designers who made our five gorgeous parade homes possible! Olivia Cerrillos, Susan Falcone, and Kelsey Hennington are experienced Homes By Dickerson designers, and have outdone themselves this year to create some of the most fantastic home designs you’ve ever seen. Let’s learn more about these talented designers and what inspired them to create such distinctive designs this year. 





Susan has designed several award-winning model homes for Homes By Dickerson, as well as previous Parade homes. She specializes in creative tilework and works hard to make sure her clients’ personal style always shines through. This year, Susan created the whimsical Mary Alice’s Wonderland and the satisfying Dulce de Leche.


Mary Alice’s Wonderland


mary alices wonderland homes by dickerson


What inspired the look and feel of this home?


The combination of the unique floor plan and the sitting room connector between the family room and primary suite immediately inspired me. The sitting room was the first room in the house that I designed in my head, immediately knowing this house would have a whimsical, vintage vibe. Our project manager’s daughter is named Mary Alice, so Mary Alice’s Wonderland was the perfect name for this home.


What was your favorite part about designing this home?


Can I say all of it? There are so many elements that I’m excited about, but overall, I am just excited to see it all come together. I’m looking forward to seeing if the mood and inspiration behind the design come across for those who tour it!


What do you love most about the Durham area? 


The 751 South community is in a truly ideal location. It’s convenient to great shopping, yet easily accessible for someone working in Raleigh, Wake Forest, or even Chapel Hill! Between the shopping, food, and trails, there’s no shortage of things to do.


Dulce de Leche


dulce de leche design homes by dickerson


What inspired the look and feel of this home?


Your favorite coffee shop or spa — I wanted to create a really crisp and clean home. Inside and out, I wanted there to be a coziness to the home while maintaining a light, bright space. I hope it comes across as a fresh and elegant, yet cozy, home.


What was your favorite part about designing this home?


There are so many spaces in this home that I love, but I think the primary bathroom is my favorite of all! Once we knew this home was going to be entered into the Parade, we were able to make some floor plan adjustments to really amp up the wow factor.


What do you love most about the Wake Forest area?


Wake Forest is in such a great location in the Triangle! You get the best of everything, especially in Blanton’s Creek. This is a small community with large, beautiful lots and easy access to the amenities that Wake Forest has to offer, in addition to all the things that Raleigh and the surrounding areas have — food, entertainment, shopping, trails, sports, etc.





Olivia’s vast and beautiful design portfolio has centered around furnishings, tile, cabinetry, and full-service turn-key remodeling. Olivia’s customers feel at ease with the design process largely because of her pleasant and welcoming personality. This year, Olivia created the historically inspired Catalog Pg. 4 and the eclectic Uptown Funk.


Catalog Pg. 4


pg 4 design homes by dickerson


What inspired the look and feel of this home?


We were inspired by the historic homes of Durham and traditional foursquare architecture  — the wood moldings, stained wood, brick floors, large windows, and symmetry. We wanted this home to feel like a 1910 historic building that has been remodeled and modernized.


What was your favorite part about designing this home?


The interior brick floors were one of my most exciting parts of the build. It takes a lot of time and details to get brick floors just right, but along with the brick porch, that room is definitely going to be a wow factor.


What do you love most about the Durham area? 


Durham has grown so much that there is really something for everyone here! Not only is Durham home to some of the top hospitals and medical research facilities, but it also boasts a thriving artistic scene, the world-renowned Duke University, and a celebrated food scene. Many of our Crystal Lake homeowners chose this area since it is so conveniently located, and it has been great building in a community that makes their commutes to these activities easier!


Uptown Funk



What inspired the look and feel of this home?


The lot that was chosen for this home drove the design and architecture styles. 

Because it’s right on Briar Chapel Parkway, we really wanted it to feel like a downtown or brownstone-type of space, but we also needed to incorporate the fact that it is a single family, freestanding home. We went with an Italianate theme for the exterior, which is rich and detailed, and gave the interior an updated, modern twist. 


What was your favorite part about designing this home?


Combining so many different design styles. The funkiness comes from these multiple design styles coming together to make an eclectic but upscale house that a family can grow into. 


What do you love most about the Chapel Hill area? 


Chapel Hill is a really unique area, and it is known to be an environmentally conscious town. There is always something fun happening in Chapel Hill since there are so many fantastic restaurants, local coffee shops, live music shows, and outdoor activities. Locals in the area love how many natural parks, gardens, and trails there are around town- perfect for walking and biking. The homeowners I have worked with are typically drawn to the area because of the incredible school systems, UNC Hospitals, and quick access to Raleigh/Durham.





Kelsey is passionate about bringing fresh ideas to her clients. With a background in interior design renovations and custom home building, she has an eye for quality and craftsmanship and always incorporates both into her design choices. This year, Kelsey created the industrially chic Missing Manhattan.


Missing Manhattan


missing manhattan design homes by dickerson


What inspired the look and feel of this home?


New York City is one of my favorite places to visit and the meatpacking district/Chelsea neighborhood is one of my favorite areas because of the old, industrial feel. Due to the pandemic, I haven’t been able to travel there for almost two years now, and I was “Missing Manhattan!”


What was your favorite part about designing this home?


I loved getting creative in finding ways to make a new house have an older, industrial feel. From the obvious brick and reclaimed lumber to the less apparent finishes like tile and cabinet colors, this project challenged me in all the best ways.


What do you love most about the Wendell area?


You can feel like you’re in a completely different place by driving 20-30 minutes in any direction! I love the downtown vibe, but you can get to more quaint neighborhoods like North Hills, North Raleigh, Brier Creek, and Wendell Falls in a matter of minutes. Wendell is great because you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city but still have everything you need in a super cool urban setting.

We cannot wait to see these five beautiful homes when they are unveiled at the 2021 Parade of Homes this October, and we hope you’ll join us! For more information on the Parade and how you can see these Homes By Dickerson designer homes, visit Our Parade of Style webpage.

These Included Features Give Your Home Timeless Style

These Included Features Give Your Home Timeless Style

The design process of building a new home is where all your ideas and dreams come together. There’s so much to choose from and so much possibility! While we absolutely love helping our customers create the perfect home style, we find that new home buyers are either really excited about the process, or they’re just a little nervous. It’s understandable. With hundreds of options for cabinets, tile, hardwoods, fixtures, and more — it can seem overwhelming for some. One concern we hear from buyers who have visited other builders is that it’s so easy to go over budget during the design process. For our entire company, the spend is an average of 2% in the design center. 


Well… we’ll let you in on a little secret. Many Homes by Dickerson homeowners end up spending less on design options than they would at other builders, because so many “upgrades” are included in our homes! Items that you’d normally spend more on elsewhere are already included in many of our new home design packages. So you never have to sacrifice style, no matter your budget.


new home kitchen features homes by dickerson


New Home Features




All of our kitchens feature spacious 42″ upper cabinets, which means you have more room to store everything you need for cooking, baking, and everything else that happens in the kitchen. And our cabinets all have soft close doors and drawers. You’ll also have your choice of timeless granite, marble, or quartz countertops at no additional cost. And such beautiful countertops aren’t complete without an undermount stainless steel sink, perfectly installed to enhance the sleek, modern look of your kitchen. Your kitchen faucet will be an elegant one-handle, high-arc, pull down model. To complete the look, every kitchen features a sparkling tile backsplash.




We think that your primary bath should be a place of respite and luxury, so we include marble countertops in every space, along with a separate tub (per plan) and shower for convenience, and elongated toilets for comfort. EPA WaterSense chrome plumbing features are included in all bathrooms in the home to eliminate unnecessary water waste. 

new home bathroom features




Homes by Dickerson is known for inspired design that complements your unique personality. So we make sure we start with a foundation of great interior style in all our homes. Every home boasts gracious 9’ or 10′ ceiling on the first level, graceful oak stair treads with either wrought iron or painted wood balusters, engineered or site-finished hardwoods in living spaces (per plan), and 7 1/4″ baseboards and crown molding throughout the first level. All closets have wood shelving and rods instead of wiring like most builders. With a blueprint like this, your home will look elegant and tasteful before you even start designing.

We can’t wait to begin the design process with you in The Home of Your Life! No matter which floor plan you choose, you can rest assured that it will be a modern home of timeless design as well as high-performance green features that you will enjoy for a lifetime. For more information about the Homes By Dickerson design process, please contact Whitney at (919) 205-3404 to request an appointment. We can’t wait to meet with you!

8 Tips to Prepare For Your Home Design Appointment

8 Tips to Prepare For Your Home Design Appointment

Close your eyes and envision your perfect home — now open them and let’s make it happen! When you build a new Homes By Dickerson home, you’ll be able to choose from rows of carpet and hardwood samples, kitchen and bath tiles, lighting choices, granite and quartz countertops, kitchen and bath cabinets, and more! Ready to feel like a kid in a candy store again?


For all of your seasonal gatherings, themed happy hours, book clubs and movie nights, visits from family and friends, and of course, quiet time to yourself, you deserve a space that reflects your personality and style, inside and out. At Homes By Dickerson, we allow you to choose the features and finishes that suit you best, so that your home looks and feels just like you.


Choosing the details of your home while staying within your budget may seem overwhelming, but you can rest assured that our talented design specialists will be with you every step of the way. They’ll get to know you and what you’re looking for, making this personalized process as easy and stress-free as possible.


Take a look at the eight things you should do to make your design appointment a breeze!


homes by dickerson design appointment


1) Go Ahead and Dream. The first thing to do before your design appointment is to simply ask yourself a few questions so that you can start imagining what your new home will look like. For example:


When you think about the exterior of your home, is there a certain color tone you prefer? (Ex. light, mid-tone, dark)


Is there a certain color family you prefer? (Ex. gray, beige, green, etc.)

If your elevation has shutters, do you prefer light, mid-tone, or dark colors?

If your elevation has brick, do you prefer traditional red, white-washed, painted, or another?

If your elevation has stone, do you prefer a stone with many color variations, or a tone-on-tone look?

Do you wish to carry the exterior style of your home into the interior? (Ex: farmhouse, traditional, modern, etc.)

Do you like cool tones or warm tones?

Do you have a favorite accent color that you would like used in your design selections? If so, what is that color or color family?

What is your flooring color preference? (Ex: light, mid-tone, dark)

Have you been dreaming of a light and airy house, a neutral home with pops of color, or a moody and modern house?


Write down your answers and allow your ideal home to take shape in your mind. It will serve as a great blueprint for choosing real-life selections as we put your home together, detail by beautiful detail.


2) Start a Lookbook: Think of this task as the most fun homework assignment you’ve ever had. A lookbook is a collection of photos that you put together to draw inspiration from. Browse sites like Pinterest, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens, and whichever publication catches your eye! Create a folder of photos on your desktop or print them out to start visualizing materials and color schemes.


bathroom design homes by dickerson 


3) Write Out Your Must-Haves: When it comes to your dream home, you most likely have a few “must-haves” that are non-negotiable. Whether it’s light kitchen cabinets, quartz countertops, brushed nickel finishes, dark hardwood floors, beige tile, and more, make sure to keep a list of things that you’re absolutely set on. Since you’ve already selected your home’s style (farmhouse, traditional, coastal cottage, contemporary), start with selections that follow that theme, and our designers will help you narrow it down. Having a list of “must-haves” in your design appointment will save you time by allowing you to really focus on the details that you’re not entirely sure about yet.


4) Be Flexible: Keep in mind that your exterior selections will need to be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Review Board. This is to ensure that the neighborhood aesthetic you fell in love with is preserved. Exterior selections subject to ARB approval include, but are not limited to, paint color, landscaping, patios, and decks. It’s a good idea to have some backup options just in case your first-picks aren’t possible.


5) Stick To Your Timeline: The building process is truly an incredible combination of moving parts. When it comes to your design appointment, one of the ways you can help yourself (and your team) is to stick to schedule — which means prioritizing your appointment over other commitments that can be moved, and working with your designers to make your decisions on time. This will allow the rest of your process to be smooth sailing!


6) Know Your Budget: If you go into your design appointment with a clear idea of what you’re hoping to spend (and how flexible you can be), you can make the best use of your time and feel confident with all of your choices. Remember that your selected elevation or home model may have some included finishes, so make a note of those so that you can focus on all the other fun selections. Your design specialists will make sure to take you through all of the options that complement your floor plan and fit within your budget, so you can be sure that you’re not missing out on anything.


7) Get a Head Start: “Preparation is the key to success,” goes the saying. By browsing our Inspiration Gallery, you’ll be prepared with ideas and preferences before even starting the design process. This tool will help you get acclimated to all of our options as well as help you visualize the choices that you’re not sure of just yet. After all, there’s nothing more fun than a “sneak peek” to get a head start on your selections. Bonus tip: tour a model home again!


8) Have Fun: Go into your design appointment with one word in mind — fun. This part of the process is all about creating the heart and soul of your home, and we want it to be enjoyable from beginning to end. Dress comfortably, feel confident in your choices, keep an open mind, and start bringing your dream home to life!



All of our designers here at Homes By Dickerson have a degree in interior design so not only will our designers assist you, but they’ll be a valuable resource of information about trends, materials, products, and prices for your personal needs and budget. And with a little bit of preparation, you can rest assured that this experience will be one to never forget. From all of us at Homes By Dickerson, happy designing!

Introducing: HBD Interiors

Introducing: HBD Interiors

Holiday meals. Cozy mornings. Birthday celebrations. Backyard get-togethers. The way you and your family live is completely unique to you — which is why you should always be surrounded by the details you love. From the kitchen island where you’ll sit back, relax, and enjoy morning coffee, to the family room where you’ll curl up on the couch with your family, the spaces in your home should feel like you from top to bottom.


At Homes By Dickerson, we prioritize first-rate interior design, because the features of your home create the backdrop for your happiest moments, big and small. Every color and pattern should flow seamlessly; every piece of decor should work together to create a cohesive, uplifting aesthetic. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to HBD Interiors, our exclusive interior design division in Raleigh that ensures your home is designed exactly to your liking.


homes by dickerson interiors living room


New Home Interior Design


As you look ahead to a new year, envision the exact kind of space that you want to spend your days in. What energy does your owner’s bedroom furniture give off when you fall asleep and wake up? What vibe does the kitchen decor provide when you’re preparing a meal and enjoying time with family and friends? At Homes By Dickerson, every detail matters, which is why our expert team of design professionals works closely with you to make sure each one fits your style and preferences.


In our state-of-the-art Raleigh Design Center, we don’t just build you a home — we create your personal sanctuary, a personalized place that combines excellent design with your unique taste. Whether we’re working on one room or the whole home, we’ll work side by side with you to reimagine and recreate your space. And of course, our process begins with you, because your vision is what makes your house a home. 


Interior Design Process


Discuss. The first step is meeting with our design professionals for a consultation. This is when we’ll learn about all of your interior design goals and discuss how we can achieve them together. Feel free to ask any and all questions you may have — we’re here to help you bring your dream to life! 


Design. Once we have a clear idea of what you want in your home, we’ll work closely with you to create a design that involves colors, textures, patterns, materials, and more. This way, everything will be laid out ahead of time, and we can go over everything together to make any necessary changes. The fun part begins now! 


Deliver. The installation process begins once we have an approved design. Now it’s time to bring everything together and deliver on our promise to create the exact space you’ve always wanted. 


homes by dickerson interiors dining room


New Homes in Raleigh, NC


One of our brand new homes in Raleigh, NC is what you’ll be proud to call The Home of Your Life. Expertly designed with open, airy space, flexible rooms, and outdoor living areas, you have all the room you need to enhance your daily routine. Built to today’s high standards of quality, and your high standards of comfort, you can start enjoying your best days ahead in a brand new home in Raleigh. 


One of our brand new homes in Raleigh, NC is what you’ll be proud to call The Home of Your Life. Expertly designed with open, airy space, flexible rooms, and outdoor living areas, you have all the room you need to enhance your daily routine. Built to today’s high standards of quality, and your high standards of comfort, you can start enjoying your best days ahead in a brand new home in The Triangle


You don’t have to have a Homes By Dickerson home to experience the joy of a home you’ll love styled by HBD Interiors. For more information about HBD Interiors in Raleigh, please contact Turner at 919-413-3378 / Turner@HomesByDickerson.com.

Breathe Easy in The Home of Your Life

Breathe Easy in The Home of Your Life

If home is where you feel safe and loved, then building homes with healthier indoor air quality is the best match we could imagine! Our high-performance, certified-green homes are constructed with better ventilation, low VOC paint, and higher-quality materials that guarantee healthier indoor air — so no matter what’s going on outside, you can be sure that you’re always safe and secure inside your home. 


From relaxing in your family room to cooking in your kitchen, everything you do at home is accompanied by fresh, clean indoor air that effectively reduces pollutants, increases comfort, and of course, gives you and your family peace of mind. The need for comfort and security is greater than ever… and we’re excited to say that you and your family can finally take a deep breath and relax!

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Built For Health


Our homes are unmatched when it comes to craftsmanship and design — but what truly sets us apart are the products and materials we use behind the walls to make sure your home operates at peak efficiency.


  • Exterior Air Barrier: ZIP System® reduces the risk of water vapor moving into the wall system. Air barrier also assists with maintaining conditioned air. Maintaining conditioned air means less energy is needed to recondition the air. Less energy means lower utility bills. And since all building systems must perform well together to optimize the energy efficiency of a home, the savings can add up.


  • Low VOC Paint and Carpet: Some paints may emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can serve as an irritant to people with certain allergies. Our homes feature low-VOC paints that help improve indoor air quality. Low-VOC carpets help reduce airborne irritants that can cause problems for allergy sufferers and help improve indoor air quality.


  • MERV 11 Filter: The MERV rating is a measurement scale designed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) to rate the effectiveness of air filters. MERV ratings go from 1 to 16, with higher ratings corresponding to a greater percentage of particles captured. MERV 11 filters capture more than 95% of airborne particles including pet dander, dust, and smoke. Every HBD home features a MERV 11 air filter for your HVAC System that is designed to help remove dust and allergens from your home.


  • Electronic Air Dampers: The HBD building process includes full home ventilating which brings in fresh air from the outside.


  • Sustainable Materials: Our host of vendors choose materials that are not only good for the environment but also for the health and comfort of your family.


Comfort and Peace of Mind


Now more than ever, you deserve a home that prioritizes your health and well-being just as much as you do. Whereas older homes may lack the features that provide fresh, clean indoor air, our brand new, efficient homes are specifically designed to let you breathe easier than ever before. Every moment you experience at home is enhanced by healthy air — which means comfort and peace of mind, 24/7.

Since 2009, our team has embraced high-performance green building, and we are honored to have built the most single-family homes certified to the NGBS in the country. This year, we look forward to showing you how one of our healthy homes will make your life extraordinary. For more information about our healthy new homes in the Triangle, NC, please contact us at 919-205-3404.