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Summer Nights with Homes By Dickerson!

Summer Nights with Homes By Dickerson!

The topic of summer nights can bring with it a flood of fond images from making ice cream on your front porch and catching fireflies to a first kiss or a spontaneous gathering with friends and family.  Our elegant baths are the perfect places to get ready for those long-awaited outdoors concert, our storage spaces will hold all of your camping and travelling gear, and our gourmet kitchens allow you to create summer spreads for all of your seasonal outings!  Let’s not forget all the possibilities that our outdoor living creations offer from roasting marshmallows at your fire pit to entertaining under magical twinkle lights.  It is amazing the memories we make during this season and Homes By Dickerson is here to help you capture all of them!

This summer we invite you to experience each of our move-in ready homes across The Triangle.  Discover gracious front porches, quaint outdoor living spaces, custom designs, high-performance energy-saving features, ample storage spaces, community amenities and so much more as you find The Home of Your Life! The next three months are sure to be filled with warm weather, some cool breezes, front porch views of firefly-lit lawns, and incredible sunsets leading into dark, star-filled skies. Why not enjoy these long summer days and nostalgic summer nights in a move-in ready, custom design from Homes By Dickerson?

To discover which of these beautiful, high-performance homes is The Home of Your Life, contact Whitney at 919-917-3132 or
We will be happy to schedule a private tour of any of our move-in ready homes or award-winning communities in the Triangle area so that your family can start enjoying summer nights in your Homes By Dickerson home!

REALTORS-Stay tuned for more information on our Summer Nights Realtor Program filled with exciting events and fun prizes!  


Summer Music Series’ to Return to the Triangle!

Summer Music Series’ to Return to the Triangle!

Longer days and warmer temperatures are signs that it is time, once again, for two of Homes By Dickerson’s favorite summer music series’ to return to the Triangle: Music in the Meadow at Briar Chapel and Farmhouse Jams in Wendell Falls!  Both of these events combine quality time with neighbors and friends, live music, great food, and cold drinks in beautiful new home neighborhoods from Newland Communities!

Whether you are looking for a new community or just want to meet people in a fun setting, we encourage you to join us for any of these live music events where you can enjoy gorgeous North Carolina summer nights!  Spread out your lawn blanket, grab a cold beverage, and tap your foot to some fantastic tunes!

Mark these dates and details on your family calendar and get ready for these summer music series’ to return to the Triangle :

Music in the Meadow
Great Meadow Park in Briar Chapel-185 Granite Mill Blvd, Chapel Hill, NC
June 8th 6pm-8pm (The Band: Rubberband)
September 14th 6pm-8pm (The Band: The 919)

Farmhouse Jams
The Farmhouse in Wendell Falls-320 Vintage Point Lane, Wendell, NC
June 8th 6pm-8pm (The Band: Back Porch Orchestra)
September 7th 6pm-8pm

You will also have the opportunity to meet members of the Homes By Dickerson team where you can learn more about our custom, high-performance homes.  Summer may reach record temperatures but you can save on your monthly utility bills with a high-performance Homes By Dickerson design.  Make one of our move-in ready homes The Home of Your Life today!

For more information on any of our move-in ready homes in Briar Chapel or Wendell Falls, please contact Whitney at 919-917-3132 or  Do not forget to ask us about the Summer Music Series’ to Return to the Triangle!  We look forward to seeing you at these events!

Griffin Square Grand Opening!

Griffin Square Grand Opening!

Grand Openings are always very exciting as we have the opportunity to reveal what we have been working on for months or even years!  The Griffin Square Grand Opening will be no exception as we roll out a brand new product design and an enclave featuring a pocket park that is exclusively custom homes from Homes By Dickerson.

This new section of Wendell Falls will boast 42 home sites, all of which will accommodate our newly-designed Grayson model home with its array of optional additions including a casita or guest suite, a home office, or a shed/storage space.  Choose from one of our home sites which border the beautiful common area to get a park view or from one of our home sites which back up against the trees for a great view of the woods!

Ready for a private tour?  Plan to attend our Griffin Square Grand Opening where you will be one of the first to walk the home and take in the lovely views!

Griffin Square Grand Opening
Saturday, June 8th
736 Daniel Ridge Road, Wendell
Please RSVP to Julia: or 919-260-7225 or you can click here to RSVP on our Facebook Page

Also, enjoy live music at The Farmhouse after our Griffin Square Grand Opening during the 1st Farmhouse Jams of the Season!  For more information, please go to:

Brick exteriors, beautifully practical layouts, and stunning fits and finishes all await you in the Homes By Dickerson exclusive section of Griffin Square. Prices start from the mid $400s.  Not only will you be able to discover the Grayson model, enjoy light refreshments, and meet the Homes By Dickerson team but you will also be able to experience the incredible atmosphere of Wendell Falls!  Walking and nature trails, The Farmhouse, Grounds Cafe, and a family-friendly swimming complex are just a few of the amenities you will encounter in this award-winning new home community!

For more information on Griffin Square or any of our homes in Wendell Falls, please contact Whitney at 919-917-3132 or

Homes By Dickerson celebrates 10 Years of Building High-Performance Homes!

Homes By Dickerson celebrates 10 Years of Building High-Performance Homes!

Homes By Dickerson celebrates 10 years of building high-performance homes!

Click here to view our new high-performance video!

A decade ago, we made a very important decision as a building company-a decision which changed how we build each of our custom homes.  We wanted to differentiate ourselves from the competition but most importantly, we wanted to provide higher-performing homes for our clients and for the environment.  So, we got to work.  We researched vendors and programs, studied qualifications, earned certifications, and became an expert in our field-all with the intention of benefitting those who have chosen to become Homes By Dickerson homeowners.

Over the last 10 years, we have continued to embrace high-performance green building, earning us recognition as a 2018 National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Green Partner of Excellence, 2018 Major Achievements in Marketing Excellence (MAME) Best Green Home award winner, and a 2018 Market Leader Award from Energy Star (just to name a few!).

Homes By Dickerson is also honored to be a leading high-performance builder with the most single-family homes certified to the NGBS in the country*. As stewards of our client’s investment, we are dedicated to providing quality homes that offer savings, health, comfort, and sustainability. Building to the NGBS standard requires more than checking a box for energy standards, it means that our homes are designed and constructed to meet a minimum number of criteria in water efficiency, home site design, sustainable materials, indoor air quality, and homeowner education to achieve certification.  As Jon Showalter, Homes By Dickerson COO, mentions in our new high-performance video, we just do not know how to build any other way.


We know that high-performance, green building does not resonate with everyone.  Let’s face it-there is a lot of technical jargon that is not very sexy and it does not give you the cheapest per square footage cost.  What it does give you is quality and peace of mind.  The bottom line is that when you purchase a Homes By Dickerson home you are getting more than just a custom design from an incredibly talented team of individuals.  You are in fact purchasing a home that can save you money on your monthly utility bills, provide better air quality for your family, and is kinder to our environment.

We hope that our decision 10 years ago to build only high-performance homes will make your decision easier today to build The Home of Your Life with Homes By Dickerson!

To learn more about how our homes are built or to inquire about how you can build your high-performance green home with Homes By Dickerson, please contact us at 919-917-3132 or

*Source: Home Innovations Research Lab 2019
Reuniting Families, (Part 2:) Moving Your Parents to the Area

Reuniting Families, (Part 2:) Moving Your Parents to the Area

BC - Cover Photo.png (1)
    Reuniting Families, (Part 2:) Moving Your Parents to the Area

Last week Homes by Dickerson REALTOR/Broker extraordinaire, Peter Winkler, gave us the inside scoop on helping your kids (and grandkids!) relocate to your area. He returns this week with four key tips on another demographic he works with all the time: your parents.

While Peter jokes that your newborn baby and their cute grandkids are enough to make your parents move to the area , he shares extra wisdom to assist your parents through the transition.

Highlight the Great Retirement Lifestyle.

Showcasing the variety of community resources is one way to assure your parents that moving is a good choice. The Triangle area has a colorful culture, top-notch medical care and a lengthy list of organizations and recreational activities.

“I really don’t believe there is anywhere better than the Triangle,” Peter says. “It’s a great climate and a great location. Tons of people are coming from all parts of the country to live here.”

The prime location and all it has to offer can be a selling point. Your parents don’t just want a house; they want a community to put down roots.

Share Newsletters and Community Events.

Why tell your parents about the array of community events when you can just show them? Email them the HOA’s monthly newsletters to emphasize events geared towards adults in a similar life. Share information about the clubs and amenities, whether it’s pictures of the pickleball court or details about the bourbon-tasting club. Your parents will be able to lead their own life with the benefit of endless face time with their kids and grandkids.

Introduce Them to Customized Housing Options.

At Briar Chapel, the Encore by David Weekley Homes section sells a classic section of houses for ages 55+. Your parents can enjoy beautifully designed single-story homes with open, accessible floor plans. Many of the floor plans feature master bedrooms on the first floor (or “master downs”) for convenience. Residents within this community enjoy perks like yard maintenance, a full calendar of activities from the Encore neighborhood lifestyle director and a state-of-the-art private fitness center and pool.

For those exploring options outside of Encore, builders like Homes By Dickerson also offer single-story and 1.5-story master downs custom homes. Your parents can buy a house that is tailored specifically for them while still being just a short walk from your home.

Let Them Know They Aren’t Alone in the Process.

Reassure your parents there are plenty of other people who have also relocated. As Peter says, he sees parents moving regularly to be closer to their families and grandchildren.

Many parents want a community that provides the interaction and proximity to their kids and grandchildren, while continuing to enjoy a rich, independent life. A community like Briar Chapel offers the best of both worlds. The bonds formed and memories made will be irreplaceable when you have your family there with you.

Looking for more? You can read Peter Winkler’s pro tips to moving your kids to the area!

Reuniting Families (Part 1): Moving Your Children to the Area

Reuniting Families (Part 1): Moving Your Children to the Area

Check out this great blog below by the Newland team in Briar Chapel! What a great reminder that the homes we build and the neighborhoods we build them in are all about families-whatever family may mean or look like to you! Homes By Dickerson is proud to be a part of this fantastic community focused on offering homes and spaces where those families can reunite! Thanks Peter Winkler for your thoughtful insight and participation in this project!

BC - Cover Photo.png
    Reuniting Families (Part 1): Moving Your Children to the Area

Children inevitably spread their wings and leave the nest as they get older. Whether they move for school, jobs or new opportunities, sometimes families end up spread out across the country.

At Briar Chapel, we’ve seen several families reunite within our community: grandparents on one block with the children and grandkids nestled in a spacious home just a few streets around the corner.

Relocating your kids and their families to the area can be exciting, but it isn’t always an easy decision. Peter Winkler, a broker/REALTOR for one of our builders, Homes by Dickerson, gave us a few tips to successfully help your kids (and grandkids!) relocate to a new area near you!

Experience the Community.

Next time your family and the grandbabies come to visit, take them to one of the events that the community you’re considering offers. This is one of the best ways for your kids and grandkids to get a feel firsthand if the community is a fit. At Briar Chapel, it can be as simple as a walk to one of our many parks to see a concert, a holiday-themed pool party at the Briar Clubhouse or lunch at the Veranda. Every grassy picnic and barbecue they attend at Briar Chapel will soon have them envisioning their own lives in the community.

Make Introduction, Make Friends.

Many young families are hesitant to move into their parents’ neighborhood, because they view these areas as retirement communities. Briar Chapel, in contrast, caters to a diverse range of families of all ages. Introduce them to the broad variety of their interest groups, whether it’s a golfing club or Fit4Mom, a Chapel Hill prenatal and postnatal fitness group that provides a network of moms to support every stage of motherhood. While your kids want to be close to you, they will also want support from friends their own age. Everyone yearns to know they aren’t alone in making the decision to move miles from their stomping ground, and Briar Chapel is home to families who have gone through the exact same process.

Share Research: Local Schools, Home Plans and Job Opportunities.

Before your kids come visit for the next holiday, do some of the legwork for them. What are the best elementary schools and daycares in the area? What about the type of homes available in Briar Chapel? If you prepare some of the initial research on local jobs and schools, the decision becomes even easier for your kids! For example, Briar Chapel hosts two schools on-site. Chatham County is home to Schools of Distinction, top SAT scores, “Teacher of the Year” awards and leading rankings from the US News & World Reportand The Washington Post.

Support Their Decision.

As Peter says, one of the most important tips is making sure that your kids feel like it is ultimately their decision to move here. Be strategic in introducing them to the community, but allow them to explore and weigh the options on their own. The good news is that once you’ve shown them the rich plethora of opportunities Briar Chapel has to offer, the community speaks for itself.!

Stay tuned for the second part of our blog post next week, as Peter Winkler gives us more advice on how to help your parents move closer to you.

The Crystal Lake Story

The Crystal Lake Story

Blogger’s note: I have always wished that I was able to verbally tell a good story.  Alas, my storytelling comes only in the form of writing where I can contemplate the scene and mood I am setting, go back, change words, strengthen my emphases, mold and shape my characters through my verbiage.  Words do not flow off my tongue in a perfect, flawless order with clear purpose as they do for Dave Beischer who shares his family history with a balance of pride and humility. I was honored to hear in person the story of his ancestry and their contributions to the Durham area throughout the 20th Century.  The following accounts are mere edits to Dave’s own words and will confirm that Crystal Lake is so much more than another new home community with beautiful wooded and water views.  Rather it is a tribute to the past as well as the future of so many.  Homes By Dickerson could not be more excited to be a part of this story and we know that you will feel the same way!

The majority of the Croasdaile Farm area, approximately 1100 acres, has been in Dave’s family since circa 1900.  His great-grandfather, John Sprunt Hill, was a philanthropist with varying interests including law, real-estate, politics and finance.  He attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, started what was formerly known as Central Carolina Bank, helped develop rural credit unions in North Carolina, became a lawyer in New York, traveled the world and even served in the military.  Hill’s career alone could take pages to accurately recount but he is only one figure in this saga.

Hill owned all of the acreage from current day Hillsborough Road/Durham Expressway North to what is now known as Croasdaile Farm.  I mention him because he begins the legacy that his great-grandson carries on to this day.  Years later, Dave’s grandparents would add to that expansive stretch of land, and therefore that legacy, by purchasing 250 acres after the end of World War II.  150 acres of that sale is now called Crystal Lake.

Initially it was the Moss family-proprietors of different amusement projects in the Durham area and involved with the Lakewood activity area-who purchased Crystal Lake in the late 1920’s and then developed it into a multi-purpose recreation spot.  These family-friendly areas were very popular at this time boasting swimming facilities, playgrounds, theaters, and other activities.  This was of course before the mass production of automobiles allowed people to travel further distances more often.

In fact David remembers his grandmother, who was born in 1908, sharing memories of traveling from her home in Downtown Durham to Lakewood (another amusement spot) via a horse and carriage.  Imagine that rural section of Durham during that era with its dirt roads, farm lands, and brilliant green fields!

For the rest of the 1930’s, the Moss family ran Crystal Lake as a wonderful attraction for local residents.  There are still some who can remember Crystal Lake as an early-day amusement park complete with rides like a larger-scale kiddie train with tracks and a rudimentary swiss seat which allowed you to be pulled back and forth across the lake.  A decade later, World War II would bring in thousands of troops to Camp Butner, a mere 20 minutes away, giving Crystal Lake a different opportunity-providing recreation to the soldiers on the weekends. Since then, bus tours for retired veterans and Croasdaile Farm residents ensue in stories of dances, lake activities, and good-natured rowdiness during this romanticized time period.  During his narrative, Dave provided a few rare photos that friends and acquaintances have given him showing their personal memories.  One of the great things about these photos is that they show a lot of the infrastructure of the Crystal Lake area including the large horse barn with stables for riding, the covered bridge that spanned the lake, and the dance hall.  While these buildings no longer exist (the Pavilion was the last holdout eventually demolished in 2018), Dave can remember remnants of infrastructure from his childhood such as when he would walk with his brother to the lake and use the hand-held pump to get the well working.  It took some time to get the water flowing but the friendly competition between the brothers become a favorite past-time between the siblings.

Dave mentions that the Pavilion featured multiple bathrooms and changing areas as well as a covered picnic area and was used from 1947 until it was torn down last year.  However, the developers are planning a new Pavilion which will keep the same feeling with its standing seam metal ceiling and fire pit though it will be larger in size and also have a partially-covered dock.  The intention is not only to offer an unique amenity to the residents of Croasdaile Farm and Crystal Lake but also to preserve a sentiment that spans nearly 80 years.  It is not to say though that nothing will be left of what once was-there will be some sentiment preserved including an old chimney that was part of a dance hall and an old rock wall that denoted a route into Crystal Lake. They are considering some other signage options and nostalgic efforts.

Not long after World War II ended, a flood at Crystal Lake completely destroyed the divider in the lake between fishing and swimming.  The Moss family decided that they did not want to take on the repair costs for this flood and sold it to Dave’s grandparents.  Crystal Lake then became a stronghold in the life of the Beischer family, a place where they spent a majority of their time and created a lot of their precious memories.  They built a cabin for parties and family events which, like the Pavilion, has since been torn down due to its age and structural issues.

The Pavilion was more than just a shelter of sorts or protection from the elements.  Since its inception in 1947 it became a place for family and social gatherings within the Beischer clan.  Dave recalls groundskeepers and workmen who became like family after close to 50 years of service.  He also describes the wonderful birthday parties thrown for his grandmother, parents, siblings, etc.  Both of his parents attended Duke University and would host get-togethers and reunions for their college friends and sororities/fraternities.

To say that Dave had a hard decision when it came to the future of Crystal Lake is an understatement.  As developers by trade, he and his father always wanted to see the land used and appreciated; however, it was important to him that his mother’s love and vision for the raw, natural land be recognized and respected.  Dave speaks to an expectation of what you are going to experience when you get North of I-85 into the Croasdaile area and that there is a quality to the land and what is built.  He wants to make sure that expectation continues to be met with Crystal Lake.  So, several factors were put into action including maintaining a 200-foot wooded buffer completely around the lake. The only thing that will go into that buffer will be a paved pathway for residents to enjoy the views.  Also, of the 150 acres in the total project, only 50 acres are being developed for the new homes of Crystal Lake.  This is such an unique concept as few developers would incorporate all of that undeveloped land into HOA greenspace.  Beischer’s ownership of the land, however, makes that decision economically feasible and sets this community apart from all of the other neighborhoods marketing to active adults and empty-nesters.  It is all about the reputation and legacy that his 4 generations of his family left behind and the vision that they created.  Wooded views, lake views, spacious home sites, single-family and luxury townhome opportunities on land that is steeped with Durham history: Oh, how wonderful life will be for our Crystal Lake residents!

In 2012, Dave completed the last phase of Croasdaile Farm (an estate-style, single-family community near Hillandale Road in Durham) and was introduced to Homes By Dickerson.  The builder-developer relationship between the two companies would continue to strengthen over time as a high level of mutual respect and trust was founded.   Dave spoke to Homes By Dickerson’s quality of building and craftsmanship as well as the caliber of employees in our company.

“We certainly want Homes By Dickerson involved as we build out Croasdaile Farm [and begin Crystal Lake],” said Beischer.  “The execution of their homes is a custom feel but Homes By Dickerson also has the scale to go out and do this type of project.”

“Garden View Realty knows the market well and Homes By Dickerson knows how to sell our homes in this market.  It makes for a wonderful partnership.  For almost two years Homes By Dickerson and Garden View Realty have been cultivating our interest list in this incredible community supported by individuals who know the Croasdaile name and reputation for quality and excellence whether they are familiar with Croasdaile Farm or Croasdaile Village,” said Beischer.

“We have tried to maintain the things that make Croasdaile Farm and Crystal Lake special.  Anytime I get frustrated with an aspect of this project, I go down and look out at the lake and realize how many more people will be able to enjoy this land,” said Beischer.

Every community has its own story to tell.  Some stories may be richer than others but a piece of land is never just a piece of land.  It has been owned by families and corporations; fought and feuded over; possibly harvested, toiled, dug, or excavated; and it could have witnessed births, deaths and all the life in between.   When we see a new home community being developed, we do not always think about the purpose that piece of property served a century or two ago or the fact that the land is being re-purposed yet once again.   However, with Crystal Lake, both the Beischer family and Homes By Dickerson will continue to develop the story and present a balance of past and future.

For more information on how you could be a part of The Crystal Lake Story, please contact Whitney White at 919-205-2368 or


Spring Open House Tour in Wendell Falls!

Spring Open House Tour in Wendell Falls!

As Wendell Falls has stated, “It’s a great day for a joy ride!” and Homes By Dickerson does like to bring joy to others.  So, however you have decided to spend your March 9th (this Saturday!), make sure to include an afternoon at the Spring Open House Tour in Wendell Falls where you can grab one of the bicycles and take a tour of this incredible community!  Strap on a helmet, cruise by the amenity centers (fitness, pool, slides, playgrounds, dog parks, amphitheater and more!) and then head out for the trails, the trees, and of course… the falls!   Speaking of cruising, make sure you stop by the brand new Cruizers and see the oh-so-cool mural with its bright colors and artistic design.

Then of course while you are out about (fingers crossed for some Carolina blue skies and spring air!), you are going to want to stop in and see the Homes By Dickerson team in our new solar-powered model home (one of the first solar-powered model homes in the state!).


If you have not had a chance to tour the Concord model home, you are in for a treat!  Vaulted ceilings, stained beams, built-in shelving, custom trim details, barn doors, and so much more await you in our 2018 Parade of Homes Gold Winner!  Oh, and of course there will be snacks-as in ice cold margaritas and chips with salsa and dips.  I don’t know about you but I cannot think of a better way to spend a North Carolina spring afternoon than experiencing the charming sights and sounds of Wendell Falls.

March 9th from 12pm-5pm, “It will be a great day for a joy ride!”

For more information on The Spring Open House Tour in Wendell Falls, our Wendell Falls Model Home or any of our move-in ready homes in this fantastic neighborhood, please contact Whitney at 919-917-3132 or

Click here for an interactive Matterport Tour of our Wendell Falls Model Home!

Diamond Club Gala for Realtors!

Diamond Club Gala for Realtors!

You are cordially invited to our Diamond Club Gala for Realtors!
2018 was an incredible year for Homes By Dickerson as we experienced growth, opened new communities, won awards, hustled, built, sweated, and smiled our way through every challenge and opportunity!  We are constantly drawing from that passion, that fire that we have for this industry to fuel us through and inspire us to strive for excellence.  One of our best gifts from 2018 is, once again, the incredible partnerships that we created with our amazing Realtors along the way.   That support, solid as ice, continues to be crucial to the foundation of our business and future success.   We appreciate every interaction, every opportunity that was brought to our team.

As a token of that appreciation, we invite all of our Realtors to join us at our 2019 Diamond Club Gala where we will be recognizing our Top Producing Realtors from last year and highlighting our new communities and goals!  Mingle with our team, learn more about our custom designs, and enjoy a breathtakingly beautiful venue! You do not want to miss the surprises we have in store for you at this year’s “Fire and Ice” event!

Tuesday, February 5th
4:30-6:30 p.m.
Vidrio, 500 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh

Please RSVP to Julia by no later than January 31st at or text 919-260-7225

We look forward to seeing you there!

Wendell Falls Homeowners Enjoy Holiday Sip and Shop!

Wendell Falls Homeowners Enjoy Holiday Sip and Shop!

We continue to share how amazing the Wendell Falls neighborhood is from its gorgeous views and fantastic amenities to its friendly atmosphere.  This past weekend was yet another reason that our homeowners love living in a Homes By Dickerson custom design in Wendell Falls: the chance to ring in The Holiday Season with neighbors and new friends!

Homes By Dickerson was excited to participate in the annual Sip and Shop festivities in Wendell Falls, coordinated by Newland Communities.  Vendors from all over the area displayed their beautiful wares just in time for the gift-giving season as residents of Wendell and invited guests were able to tour our award-winning model home and enjoy delicious holiday refreshments!  Not only did guests have the opportunity to see firsthand our craftsmanship and attention to detail, but they also were able to envision their friends and family celebrating the holidays in The Home of Their Life!  This was a great opportunity for us to explain how they could receive $5000 towards any of our move-in ready homes if they go to contract by the end of the year!*

This is not by far the first homeowner event that Homes By Dickerson in Wendell Falls has been involved in and it definitely will not be the last.  We love any opportunity to connect people together in our custom-designed homes!  We received rave reviews from everyone who was able to attend and we are already looking forward to next year’s event!

For more information on how you can become a Homes By Dickerson homeowner in Wendell Falls, please contact Whitney at 919-917-3132 or

You can also click here to view all of our move-in ready homes.  Do not forget that you can receive up to $5000 when you go to contract on any of these homes by 12/31/2018.  You can also receive $10,000 on a pre-sale when you go to contract by the same date as well!*

*See Sales Agent for details

Check out these great photos from the fun-filled afternoon!