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Interior Design Styles

Interior Design Styles

Homes By Dickerson believes your home should be an original — designed and built exclusively for you. Whether your taste is contemporary and minimalist, or traditional and extravagant, our award-winning home designers will work closely with you to achieve an incredible-looking home that perfectly reflects your style. Here are a few of the most popular design styles our team has had the pleasure of completing recently for our customers!


Popular Home Interior Design Plans for 2022 


Modern Colonial

This style is characterized by grand entrances, dark polished wood, neutral walls, and luxurious textures on items like sofas, pillows, and chairs. Global influences appear throughout modern colonial style, through unique textiles and/or interesting prints. There’s also a slightly tropical vibe, with large palms and other tropical plants making an appearance, as well as classic cane chairs, and accents made from natural materials.


Modern Cottage

Modern cottage style borrows elements from nostalgic country homes to achieve a cozy, warm feeling, but is updated  to appeal to modern sensibilities. Do keep traditional cottage elements, like natural materials — wood beams and flooring, exposed brick, woven textiles — a welcoming fireplace, and of course, a farmhouse sink. Don’t overwhelm the space with too much furniture or too many trinkets — keep it light and airy with neutral walls and well-organized, open kitchen shelving.


French Country

French country design takes its cue from the estates of Provence with their maximalist aesthetics. Think floral curtains against a backdrop of floral wallpaper, with intricately-designed furniture. Of course, the modern look is a bit more toned down, but retains some of the extravagant styling, such as on light fixtures, framed portraits, or iron stair balusters. 


Dark and Moody

Some rooms in the home just require more peace and quiet — bedrooms, a library, or even a small den or living room. Whether you need a space to catch up on sleep, watch movies, or bury yourself in a good book, there are ways to achieve the look without going overboard. Balance dark painted walls with light flooring, furniture, and even houseplants to prevent the space from feeling too cave-like.


Contemporary Minimalist

Simple but never boring, contemporary minimalism is all about focusing on one striking aspect of a room. That might mean opting for white walls in order to focus the eye on the stunning floor-to-ceiling windows. Or keeping all the furniture monochromatic to highlight an impressive fireplace. There is actually a lot of creativity in minimalist design; and it is a style that’s hard to achieve without careful thought and intentional focus. 



The coastal aesthetic is achieved by incorporating elements, materials, and colors from the seaside into your home. With shades of blues and greens, natural materials such as driftwood, hemp rope, and seashells, and light and airy fabrics like cotton and linen, the effect is calming, serene, and entirely peaceful. 


Modern Tudor

The modern tudor interior design style is characterized by stately decor, bright and open spaces, unobstructed windows, ceiling treatments, and iron finishes — all while maintaining the comfort of a family home. 


Modern Farmhouse

Whitewashed walls, timber beams, and contrasting metals embody this mix of contemporary and country, calm and cozy. While nothing should be overly fragile, the space should maintain a certain sophistication. Neutral color palettes are the base for the contemporary component of this style, mixed with anything that is rustic, distressed or natural.


Homes By Dickerson’s award-winning design team can help you create your version of these beautiful styles. Read more about our design process, browse our gallery, then contact us at 919-205-3404 to get started building The Home of Your Life!

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