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4 Questions To Ask When Working With A Custom Home Builder

4 Questions To Ask When Working With A Custom Home Builder

Building a home that’s special and unique to you is our favorite part of being a custom home builder. Sure, it’s a chance to show off our design expertise, but mainly it’s a rewarding experience to work with you to create the home you’ll live your life in. All the special moments. All the shared meals. All of everything! Homes by Dickerson is here to be your go-to resource and expert on all things relating to custom-built homes. We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners and are always here to help answer your questions. Here are some common questions you might have when working with a custom home builder.

Questions To Ask Your Home Builder

What is the timeline for a new home to be built?

Within the category of newly built homes, you’ll have model homes, quick move-in homes (aka our Designer Home Collection), and custom-built homes. Each will have a different timeline. While model homes and quick move-in homes are pre-planned for a shorter timeline, custom homes need more time since nothing is planned until we consult with you.

Custom built home timeline

There are several steps included in the timeline, therefore it can depend largely on the stages of construction from the floor plan and selections to the framework and the installation of various systems. Other factors like material supply, labor availability, and weather can impact the timeline. At Homes by Dickerson, we have a strong team of workers and trade partners to keep everything running smoothly.

Does it cost more to buy a custom-built home than a previously owned one?

There are many things that can affect the cost of both custom-built homes and previously owned homes. It could be things like location, costs of financing a home, preferred style, moving timeline, current market, and short and long-term maintenance costs. However, with a newly built home, you don’t have to do any renovations unlike many previously owned homes. Think of all the money and time you’d be saving. Other advantages of new homes is the ability to personalize it to your specific layout and style plus the peace of mind of a warranty to cover your investment. These are invaluable advantages a previously owned home can’t offer.

Do I get to choose the exterior & interior design of my home?

Absolutely! Homes by Dickerson has professional designers, state-of-the-art design studios, and a range of award-winning floor plans to help you customize your home. You can start from one of our floor plans, modify one of them, or choose a completely custom design. Whether you already have ideas in mind or need some help from our experts, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Custom home design

When can I officially move in?

Aside from constructing the home itself, there are a few steps in the background that need to be completed before you can officially move in. This will include obtaining financing, securing homeowners insurance, final inspections/walkthroughs, and signing the purchase agreement that details everything else, including the official closing date. Your Homes by Dickerson Closing Coordinator will help to ensure all details are taken care of and shared with the closing attorney at settlement. The only step left is to then present you with the key to your new home, after the attorney has it recorded.

Homes by Dickerson Offers The Best Custom Built Homes Near Raleigh, NC

Homes by Dickerson was founded in 1975 with a strong desire to build custom homes in the Raleigh area. Over the years we evolved into a well-known, respected custom home builder with award-winning homes. We’re proud to continue growing and honing our craft while always staying true to our core values and principles of service, design, commitment, quality, craftsmanship, and flexibility. Homes by Dickerson is the builder you can trust to offer consistently exceptional customer service, designs, and homes that go above and beyond to fit how you want to live.

We currently have homes for sale near Raleigh, NC, Pinehurst, NC, and Charleston, SC. The options are endless with single-family homes and townhomes in a range of areas, styles, and price points to perfectly match your wants and needs. They’re thoughtfully crafted to give you the absolute best living experience. The communities are set in highly desirable locations and the homes are built to the highest standards with high-performance, quality techniques and materials. From the inside out, Homes by Dickerson only designs homes that are “Built for Life.” That means developing a dwelling that you can be proud to call home and wake up with peace of mind that it’s comfortable, healthy, energy-efficient, durable, and offers great value for your money. We have the most homes certified by the National Green Building Standard in the United States and are honored to continue building the best homes possible – all for you!

homes for sale near Raleigh NC

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Custom-built homes are our specialty and building a home that meets and exceeds your expectations is our top priority. From custom-built options to Designer Home Collection homes (quick move-in) and everything in between, we’re positive you’ll find something to suit your needs and enjoy a memorable personalized home-buying experience. Take a moment to browse our communities and floor plans. Once you’re ready to work with us or have any questions, contact us. Our team is here to help you find The Home of Your Life!

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