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Meet Our New Lender Partner

Meet Our New Lender Partner

So often in the home buying process, the financial details seem to be an afterthought – especially when it comes to choosing a lender. But at Homes By Dickerson, we believe that you deserve to navigate the mortgage process with the same confidence and ease you experience in your home buying process. 


This is why we are so thrilled to offer you the expertise of our new Mortgage Partner, Twin State Lending. This is a company that shares our dedication to luxury customer service. With Twin State Lending, you will find a trustworthy mortgage professional that offers top notch service and extensive guidance to meet your unique financing needs. 


Through this partnership, our homebuyers will enjoy the flexibility, convenience and ease of working with a trusted partner. Plus, you’ll appreciate quicker, more efficient processes since Twin State Lending is the exclusive Homes By Dickerson Lender. Plus, we will be able to offer extremely competitive rates with rate buy-downs, and more.


Our experienced Mortgage Loan Originator, Kevin Dail, will offer the same upscale experience you’ve come to love at Homes by Dickerson. A lifelong resident of the Triangle, Kevin has experience working with both large national banks and local community banks, cultivating his commitment to availability and tremendous service for his clients. 


After taking a break from banking to work in real estate development, and to operate an indoor athletic training facility for local youth, Kevin returned to banking, specifically the mortgage industry. For the last seven years, most recently as a preferred lender for a large regional builder, he has used his diverse banking, entrepreneurial spirit, and personal approach to help potential buyers achieve their dream of home ownership. Kevin enjoys golfing, watching and coaching baseball, and spending time with his wife and two kids.


We can’t wait for you to meet Kevin, and experience the smooth and seamless approach he and Twin State Lending bring to your homebuying process at Homes By Dickerson. 



If you are in the market for a new home or have been watching the news, you are aware of the volatility in mortgage rates right now. In short: The Federal Reserve is hiking the fed rate up to battle rising inflation. (June 2022 experienced a hike of 75 basis points.) 


These hikes will continue until inflation starts to decrease. Any time this happens, it causes a bit of chaos in the markets. Mortgage rates are increasing as the rate hike makes it more expensive to finance goods (i.e. home, car, appliances, credit cards, etc). All of this uncertainty may give buyers in the market pause. In some cases, it can price them out of homeownership entirely. 


What we have to remember is this: Mortgage rates always have and always will fluctuate based on markets and the economy. The average refinancing cycle is every 2-3 years. Historically, that means rates will go up and down. If you purchased a mortgage at a peak rate, then you can refinance into a new lower rate when the rates lower.  


If a traditional mortgage is out of reach right now, there are now other options on the table. We are seeing 7-10-year ARM mortgages make a come back. (ARM stands for adjustable rate mortgage.) This means you buy in at a lower rate now, and the rate will go up (based on the current market rate) in the designated time frame (7 or 10 years, whichever you purchase). If you choose an ARM, you will most likely get to refinance down to a lower fixed rate before that time passes, based on the historical 2-3 year mortgage cycle.   


Even in this unpredictable rate environment, it’s still a good time to make a move. Remember, while you can maneuver around rates, you can never replace land and location. If you find the community, homesite or home of your dreams, don’t wait to act. This opportunity may not come around again, and you deserve to enjoy your life to the fullest.


Homes By Dickerson is so excited to partner with Twin State Lending because we are able to offer our homebuyers some very aggressive rates and programs in this new rate environment. Currently, we are offering options ranging from 14-month mortgage rate locks to fixed rate buy-down options. Please talk with one of our onsite new home consultants or our preferred lender for more details.

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