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Our Favorite Trends in Outdoor Living

Our Favorite Trends in Outdoor Living

One of the best parts of every Homes By Dickerson home is its unbelievable outdoor living spaces. We build in such picturesque neighborhoods in Raleigh, Pinehurst and Charleston. Our decks and porches give our homeowners the opportunity to enjoy the scenery… among other things! These unique features add more entertaining space, along with everyday living space. 


Our experienced designers have rounded up their favorite ways to enjoy the summer days ahead, with the latest trends in outdoor living features and design options.


Just add fire

Why settle for a firepit when you can have built-in heat? Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to extend your outdoor experience in the chilly spring/fall weather. We love the cozy ambience they add to our already incredible porches. 

Try porch gardening 

Imagine a carefree kitchen garden or an eye-catching floral tapestry on your deck. Grow veggies & herbs with vertical gardening techniques that are easy to care for and harvest. Create colorful container gardens with unique pots and interesting combinations of annuals, perennials and shrubs. 

Go for the comfy couch

Say goodbye to that old picnic table. It’s time to embrace outdoor furniture that is comfortable and stylish, with woven textures, bold colors or curvy lines. Soft couches or settees, plush outdoor rugs, pillows and blankets. Your outdoor living room will get just as much use as your indoor space!

Hi-tech meets the great outdoors   

Homeowners are bringing the indoors outside. By integrating cutting-edge tech like outdoor kitchens and open air sound systems into their porches, they’re creating unique and useful living spaces. Add a screen and projector for a fun way to enjoy your favorite films under the stars.

Work alfresco 

Post-covid, some people are still working remotely and want to change up the space where they spend their days. Who wouldn’t want an office with a view of the woods? All you need is a comfy chair, a table, and your laptop to make your screened porch into the office of your dreams! 

However you choose to dress up your outdoor space, it’s sure to be a highlight of your new Homes By Dickerson home. We can’t think of a better way to enjoy the great outdoors than right in your own backyard. For more information, please connect with us or call us at (919) 205-3404.

Floorplan Features Perfect for Hosting

Floorplan Features Perfect for Hosting

Now that you’ve filled out your bracket, it’s time to prepare your pre-game fuel and put on your best game face for the big March tournament! Can you hear your team’s fight song getting louder in the distance? Now that the best college basketball teams are vying for the ultimate title, it’s time for you to kick off this great sports tradition with a party in your new Homes By Dickerson home!

Our floorplans come with the features you’ve always wanted to host the ultimate game viewing party. Whether it’s an open living space to accommodate all your family and friends, or a separate flex space to keep the celebrations contained, with a Homes By Dickerson home, you have so many options. 

Here are our top floorplan features that’ll make your game-viewing party a hit:


Open Floorplans

In an open-concept home, it’s so easy for everyone at the party to hang out, talk, and mingle all in one comfortable space. And with no walls to interrupt the flow between family room, kitchen and dining room, the hosts can enjoy the party just as much as everyone else.

Large Kitchen Islands

When you have a party of any kind, there can never be enough seating and serving areas. Our large kitchen islands function as both! Pull up the barstools so that folks have more places to sit and eat, or remove the barstools and lay out your platters of snacks, dips, and drinks for easy self-serve access!

Butler’s Pantry

This is the perfect space to keep the messy part of hosting out of sight. You can do most of your food prep in this genius little space between the kitchen and the dining room to keep your counters free for serving. This is also the ideal place to quickly store small appliances and dirty pots and pans when the doorbell rings!

Wet Bar

Keep the traffic in and out of the fridge to a minimum and have all your drinks prepped and ready on the wet bar! These little stations make a big difference when they include a wine fridge, small sink, and just enough counter space to mix the perfect team-themed drinks.

Media Room

If your significant other would rather the house NOT be overrun with overly excited basketball fans, take the party to the media room! Media rooms are spacious and can be designed in any way you’d like to maximize space. You can even choose to include custom features, like a wet bar or sound proofing. The best part? There’s a door that can be closed to keep the rest of the house quiet and peaceful.

Outdoor Living Space

These days, people love spending time in gorgeous outdoor living areas just as much (if not more!) than spending time indoors. Especially in the beautiful spring weather we have in Raleigh. Convert your covered porch or patio into the ultimate game day experience by setting up comfortable seating areas anchored by a soft outdoor rug and accented with string or lantern lights. You can customize your space to include an outdoor fireplace and wiring to mount a TV above it, combining the luxury of an indoor living room with all the benefits of fresh air and sunshine.

Flex Space

If you’re having a few friends over and you don’t want to be underfoot of anyone else in the house, bring the watch party up to your upstairs loft bonus room. This is an open room that can be used for a number of purposes. During the tournament, add oversized floor pillows so guests can lounge in comfort, or a rolling drink cart to make serving easy and convenient. 


When you live in a Homes By Dickerson-designed new home in the Raleigh area, there are so many options to throw your version of the perfect sports-viewing party…or any party! Want to make one yours before next spring’s madness? Contact us at (919)-205-3404 to schedule an appointment and learn all about the process for building The Home of Your Life.  

Meet the 2021 Parade of Homes Designers

Meet the 2021 Parade of Homes Designers

With the 2021 Triangle Parade of Homes quickly approaching, we wanted to introduce you to the amazing designers who made our five gorgeous parade homes possible! Olivia Cerrillos, Susan Falcone, and Kelsey Hennington are experienced Homes By Dickerson designers, and have outdone themselves this year to create some of the most fantastic home designs you’ve ever seen. Let’s learn more about these talented designers and what inspired them to create such distinctive designs this year. 





Susan has designed several award-winning model homes for Homes By Dickerson, as well as previous Parade homes. She specializes in creative tilework and works hard to make sure her clients’ personal style always shines through. This year, Susan created the whimsical Mary Alice’s Wonderland and the satisfying Dulce de Leche.


Mary Alice’s Wonderland


mary alices wonderland homes by dickerson


What inspired the look and feel of this home?


The combination of the unique floor plan and the sitting room connector between the family room and primary suite immediately inspired me. The sitting room was the first room in the house that I designed in my head, immediately knowing this house would have a whimsical, vintage vibe. Our project manager’s daughter is named Mary Alice, so Mary Alice’s Wonderland was the perfect name for this home.


What was your favorite part about designing this home?


Can I say all of it? There are so many elements that I’m excited about, but overall, I am just excited to see it all come together. I’m looking forward to seeing if the mood and inspiration behind the design come across for those who tour it!


What do you love most about the Durham area? 


The 751 South community is in a truly ideal location. It’s convenient to great shopping, yet easily accessible for someone working in Raleigh, Wake Forest, or even Chapel Hill! Between the shopping, food, and trails, there’s no shortage of things to do.


Dulce de Leche


dulce de leche design homes by dickerson


What inspired the look and feel of this home?


Your favorite coffee shop or spa — I wanted to create a really crisp and clean home. Inside and out, I wanted there to be a coziness to the home while maintaining a light, bright space. I hope it comes across as a fresh and elegant, yet cozy, home.


What was your favorite part about designing this home?


There are so many spaces in this home that I love, but I think the primary bathroom is my favorite of all! Once we knew this home was going to be entered into the Parade, we were able to make some floor plan adjustments to really amp up the wow factor.


What do you love most about the Wake Forest area?


Wake Forest is in such a great location in the Triangle! You get the best of everything, especially in Blanton’s Creek. This is a small community with large, beautiful lots and easy access to the amenities that Wake Forest has to offer, in addition to all the things that Raleigh and the surrounding areas have — food, entertainment, shopping, trails, sports, etc.





Olivia’s vast and beautiful design portfolio has centered around furnishings, tile, cabinetry, and full-service turn-key remodeling. Olivia’s customers feel at ease with the design process largely because of her pleasant and welcoming personality. This year, Olivia created the historically inspired Catalog Pg. 4 and the eclectic Uptown Funk.


Catalog Pg. 4


pg 4 design homes by dickerson


What inspired the look and feel of this home?


We were inspired by the historic homes of Durham and traditional foursquare architecture  — the wood moldings, stained wood, brick floors, large windows, and symmetry. We wanted this home to feel like a 1910 historic building that has been remodeled and modernized.


What was your favorite part about designing this home?


The interior brick floors were one of my most exciting parts of the build. It takes a lot of time and details to get brick floors just right, but along with the brick porch, that room is definitely going to be a wow factor.


What do you love most about the Durham area? 


Durham has grown so much that there is really something for everyone here! Not only is Durham home to some of the top hospitals and medical research facilities, but it also boasts a thriving artistic scene, the world-renowned Duke University, and a celebrated food scene. Many of our Crystal Lake homeowners chose this area since it is so conveniently located, and it has been great building in a community that makes their commutes to these activities easier!


Uptown Funk



What inspired the look and feel of this home?


The lot that was chosen for this home drove the design and architecture styles. 

Because it’s right on Briar Chapel Parkway, we really wanted it to feel like a downtown or brownstone-type of space, but we also needed to incorporate the fact that it is a single family, freestanding home. We went with an Italianate theme for the exterior, which is rich and detailed, and gave the interior an updated, modern twist. 


What was your favorite part about designing this home?


Combining so many different design styles. The funkiness comes from these multiple design styles coming together to make an eclectic but upscale house that a family can grow into. 


What do you love most about the Chapel Hill area? 


Chapel Hill is a really unique area, and it is known to be an environmentally conscious town. There is always something fun happening in Chapel Hill since there are so many fantastic restaurants, local coffee shops, live music shows, and outdoor activities. Locals in the area love how many natural parks, gardens, and trails there are around town- perfect for walking and biking. The homeowners I have worked with are typically drawn to the area because of the incredible school systems, UNC Hospitals, and quick access to Raleigh/Durham.





Kelsey is passionate about bringing fresh ideas to her clients. With a background in interior design renovations and custom home building, she has an eye for quality and craftsmanship and always incorporates both into her design choices. This year, Kelsey created the industrially chic Missing Manhattan.


Missing Manhattan


missing manhattan design homes by dickerson


What inspired the look and feel of this home?


New York City is one of my favorite places to visit and the meatpacking district/Chelsea neighborhood is one of my favorite areas because of the old, industrial feel. Due to the pandemic, I haven’t been able to travel there for almost two years now, and I was “Missing Manhattan!”


What was your favorite part about designing this home?


I loved getting creative in finding ways to make a new house have an older, industrial feel. From the obvious brick and reclaimed lumber to the less apparent finishes like tile and cabinet colors, this project challenged me in all the best ways.


What do you love most about the Wendell area?


You can feel like you’re in a completely different place by driving 20-30 minutes in any direction! I love the downtown vibe, but you can get to more quaint neighborhoods like North Hills, North Raleigh, Brier Creek, and Wendell Falls in a matter of minutes. Wendell is great because you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city but still have everything you need in a super cool urban setting.

We cannot wait to see these five beautiful homes when they are unveiled at the 2021 Parade of Homes this October, and we hope you’ll join us! For more information on the Parade and how you can see these Homes By Dickerson designer homes, visit Our Parade of Style webpage.

How Much Does It Cost To Live in Raleigh, NC?

How Much Does It Cost To Live in Raleigh, NC?

If you’re considering a move to Raleigh, NC, especially from major coastal cities like Los Angeles or New York, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the cost of living compared to the awesome quality of life here in the City of Oaks. From a cup of gourmet coffee to a beautiful new home, you’ll love the variety, quality, and most of all, price!


Cost of Living in Raleigh, NC


cost of buying a home in raleigh nc




How much you pay for a home will vary according to size, age and location. The median cost of a home in Raleigh is $360,891 (Zillow),Typically, homes in the suburban areas will be less expensive than those intown, but this depends on whether or not it is new construction, the amenities in the community, and finish level of the home. Any way you look at it, the cost of housing in Raleigh is considerably less than on either coast. The Raleigh housing market is nearly 152% less expensive than the Los Angeles market, and about 148% less expensive than in New York City.




Utilities in Raleigh cost about 50% less than they do in New York City. Though that’s due in some part to the newer construction and more energy efficient systems and appliances in many homes, weather is also a factor. It costs less to warm a home in the winter in North Carolina. Winter lows in New York are consistently below freezing, while in Raleigh, even if the temperatures dip at night, the days warm up considerably with plenty of sunshine.




Raleigh is primarily a driving city, though it does offer public bus and light rail service. Whether you travel by car or bus, the cost of transportation is significantly less than in New York or Los Angeles. A one-way trip on public transit in Raleigh costs just $1.25 compared to a $2.75 ticket in New York. And if you’ve got a car, you’ll do a lot less driving in Raleigh than in Los Angeles. Raleigh is a mere 147 square miles compared to L.A.’s 503! 




Healthcare in Raleigh is quite reasonable, in part because of the university medical centers that provide access to quality, low-cost care. Healthcare costs about 35% less than it does in NYC, though it is more comparable to costs in L.A. A self-pay doctor’s visit in Raleigh costs about $100 and a regular trip to the dentist costs about the same amount.


cost of living raleigh nc


A Cup of Coffee


Here’s the information that you really came to this blog post for! A tall Caff Americano at Starbucks in Raleigh costs about $3.55, while the same cup of Joe in New York costs about $3.68.


Overall, it makes great financial sense to live in Raleigh, especially if you are moving from either coast. While these cost of living indexes alone might help you in your decision, remember that you’ll also save a ton of money on recreation and activities. There are countless ways to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in North Carolina, many of which don’t cost a dime. 

If you’re interested in relocating and need information on new homes in the Raleigh area, contact us at 919-205-3404. We’d love to help you discover The Home of Your Life in Raleigh!

Perfect Pairings at the 2021 Parade of Homes

Perfect Pairings at the 2021 Parade of Homes

This October, get ready to be wowed by new home design like you’ve never seen before. Homes By Dickerson is showcasing five spectacularly-designed homes at the 2021 Triangle Parade of Homes – and one is just right for you. What’s your perfect pairing? Do you love dark chocolate truffles and a lively board game? “Missing Manhattan” might be the one for you. Does a warm cup of tea with a side of macarons tickle your fancy? You’ll love getting lost in “Mary Alice’s Wonderland.”


You can see these five distinctive homes — and all their delightful details — up close and personal October 2-3rd, 8-10th, and 15-17th in the 2021 Triangle Parade of Homes. To help you choose the perfect one (even if just for inspiration), we’ve paired each home with a beverage, getaway, dessert, animal, and hobby that best represents its style. Visit all five this October and let us know which one is perfect for you!


og 4 pairing homes by dickerson


“Catalog Pg. 4”


Cocktail: Old Fashioned

Getaway: Nantucket

Dessert: Apple Pie

Animal: Golden Retriever

Hobby: Cooking / Garden Club


pg 4 design homes by dickerson


A modern take on a classic design, this reimagined foursquare was inspired by the homes sold through Sears, Roebuck & Co.’s mail-in catalogs in the early 20th century. Our designers kept the best of this traditional design and updated it with luxurious, modern details. 


dulce de leche pairing homes by dickerson


“Dulce de Leche”


Beverage: Latte

Getaway: Tuscany

Dessert: Caramel cake

Animal: Fluffy kitten

Hobby: Reading


dulce de leche design homes by dickerson


Life is infinitely sweeter in this beautiful take on modern farmhouse design. With creamy neutral tones (milk) and stunning gold fixtures (sugar), it will be hard to walk away from such decadent luxury.


missing manhattan pairing homes by dickerson


“Missing Manhattan”


Cocktail: Manhattan (of course!)

Getaway: The Hamptons

Dessert: Dark Chocolate Truffles / NY Cheesecake

Animal: white Tiger

Hobby: Chess/Board Games


missing manhattan design homes by dickerson


Effortlessly stylish and ultra moody, this NYC loft-inspired home gives a nod to the Industrial Chic design trend made famous by the city’s warehouse-to-loft transformations. With neutral tones and metal, brick, and wood details, living here will make you feel like the hip and sophisticated person you are.



“Uptown Funk”


Cocktail: Cosmo

Getaway: Morocco

Dessert: Sprinkled Donuts

Animal: Lion

Hobby: Playing Piano



Eclectic design meets old-school sophistication in this New York brownstone-inspired home. There are plenty of captivating details, but our favorite is the lion-head symbol hidden throughout the main floor. Let us know if you can find them all…


mary alices wonderland pairing homes by dickerson


“Mary Alice’s Wonderland”


Beverage: Warm tea with Honey

Getaway: French Countryside

Dessert: Macarons

Animal: White Rabbit

Hobby: Gardening / Writing


mary alices wonderland homes by dickerson


Just as whimsical and joyful as it sounds, this parade home will have you ready for a cup of tea in the sitting room or a game of croquet in the courtyard. The best way to explain it is to visit it!

For more information on the 2021 Parade of Homes, and when you can visit these give imaginative homes from Homes By Dickerson, visit our Parade of Style page. We’ll see you there!

Global Companies are Moving to Raleigh: Here’s Why

Global Companies are Moving to Raleigh: Here’s Why

Raleigh and the surrounding areas of the Triangle have been steadily and consistently attracting top talent and big names in tech for the last few decades. While it’s no surprise that some of the world’s biggest corporations  – Apple and Google, among others — have announced plans to develop campuses in Research Triangle Park, the news is still incredibly exciting and indicative of the area’s future economic success. So what’s the attraction for these huge corporations with such deep pockets? Why the Triangle over other tech-driven markets? More and more, here are the factors that are proving irresistible to Big Tech.


Why are Tech Companies Moving to Raleigh, NC?


Top talent is here. Since the 1960s, Research Triangle Park’s growth and success has been primarily driven by a cluster of top tier research universities that produce 9,000 graduates a year: Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill, and NC State are nationally ranked for research programs in medicine, new technologies, biomedical sciences, the environment, data science, and engineering, among others. Raleigh and the surrounding cities have focused heavily on creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship to entice and retain these recent college graduates. 


Low cost of living: Compared to the “other” tech mecca of San Francisco, Raleigh is about 163% less expensive. From food and transportation to housing and healthcare, the dollar stretches much further in the Triangle, meaning residents have a higher disposable income, which in turn helps fuel the local economy. In 2020, Raleigh saw the most out-of-state relocations from New York, Washington DC, and Miami, which are all more expensive metros. 


Attractive housing market: Even with housing costs increasing in Raleigh, it’s still a great time to buy a home. Home prices have increased by about 17% from June 2020 to June 2021 (Zillow), and have increased over 40% from five years ago. The market shows no sign of slowing, presenting a great investment opportunity for homebuyers to build equity quickly. With so many prospects moving to the area, and with home builders and developers buying land to help meet demand, new home starts are predicted to grow 7% or more in 2021 (Builder Online). Additionally, salaries in Raleigh continue to climb while interest rates remain at historic lows, which translates to greater buying power. 


Work hard, play harder: Central North Carolina has some of the best weather and most beautiful natural landscapes in the country. Residents enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities throughout all four seasons, including hiking, mountain biking, rafting, paddling, horseback riding, and more. The Triangle offers world-class dining, shopping, and entertainment, while many of the smaller commuter towns have charming historic districts and plenty of local personality. 

These are just a few of the reasons why Apple is investing $1 billion over 10 years to establish a campus at Research Triangle Park, bringing with it an estimated 3,000 jobs with an average salary of $187,000, and Google is coming to Durham to create a new engineering hub and 1,000 new jobs. These are just the more recognizable names. Companies like IPM Chirana — a ventilator maker, and Grail, Inc. — a research company focused on multi-cancer early detection, are investing in the Triangle, bringing thousands of jobs and continuing to stimulate an already booming economy. They say Raleigh is an emerging market, but we say it has already broken through.

Top 5 Weekend Getaways from Raleigh, NC

Top 5 Weekend Getaways from Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, NC is such a special place to live. In addition to the city’s amazing economic, social, and recreational opportunities, its central location makes it the perfect base to travel to some of North Carolina’s most amazing locations. Whether you want to get away for a few days or a couple of weeks, there are incredible mountain and beach destinations just a few hours away. There’s no other state with such a perfect mix of city life and natural wonder, and you can experience it all from Raleigh!


Best Weekend Getaways From Raleigh, NC


Explore the Mountains Near Raleigh, NC


1) Asheville: 3 hours and 45 minutes away


Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains with spectacular views from the region’s winding highways, this vibrant city and the surrounding areas are the perfect weekend getaway whether you want to relax or recharge. Start with Downtown Asheville by strolling through this colorful neighborhood and taking in the arts, music, independent stores, farm-to-table eateries, and laid-back vibe. There’s no shortage of places to explore. 


Next, stop at the Biltmore for an afternoon of dazzling architecture, artistically landscaped gardens, memorable wine tours, and casual entertainment in the Village. Stay overnight at one of the estate’s many properties and experience the opulence that the Vanderbilt family intended when they built this family home a century ago.


If you’re in the mood for pampering (and who isn’t?), pay a visit to the subterranean spa at The Omni Grove Park Inn, and you won’t be disappointed. There are twenty water features, including mineral pools, therapeutic waterfall pools, and a lap pool complete with underwater music. You will emerge (literally) feeling completely rejuvenated. 


After you’ve rested, time to head to Sliding Rock in Pisgah National Forest for some outdoor action! This small waterfall is a natural slide where visitors can slide from the top and plunge into the shallow pool at the bottom. Thousands visit this unique mountain waterfall every summer and it’s perfect for kids and adults alike.


visiting asheville


2) Banner Elk: 3 hours and 30 minutes away


With one traffic light but a million ways to have fun, Banner Elk is an exciting weekend getaway from Raleigh. For a thrill unlike any other, try the Wilderness Run Alpine Coaster, a 2,390-foot track where you can safely speed down the mountain and through the forest in a 2-person cart at 27 miles per hour. Just prepare yourself for the three 360-degree loops! 


For a slightly slower activity — but one that can be just as thrilling — try mining for authentic North Carolina gemstones at Sugar Creek Gem Mine. Sort, sift, wash, and repeat and you’re guaranteed to find real precious and semi-precious gemstones. Kids and adults of all ages will have a blast looking for rubies, sapphires, garnets, emeralds, and citrines, and many other gems that North Carolina is known for. 


3) Boone: 3 hours away


Take a trip back in time and enjoy a simpler outdoor life in Boone, NC. Named for the explorer Daniel Boone, this small town still relishes his pioneering spirit and has a distinct high country culture that’s hard to match. On your weekend trip here from Raleigh, visit Grandfather Mountain — a 300 million-year-old mountain with some rock formations dating back 1.2 billion years. It is a place to come and be one with the area’s incredible biodiversity and natural beauty.


If scenic drives are your thing, then pack the car for a multi-day adventure and head out to explore the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway. This 469-mile stretch of road is operated by the U.S. National Park Service and runs from North Carolina to Virginia. Opt for one of the Pisgah Region itineraries, and plan to drive at a leisurely pace to enjoy the stunning views and many attractions along the way. 


If your kids are itching for adventure, round them up and take them to a Wild West extravaganza at Tweetsie Railroad. Here they can let their imaginations run free while they take a 3-mile train adventure, pan for gold, enjoy amusement rides, watch live entertainment, and interact with deer, goats, emus, llamas, and all sorts of other animals in Deer Park Zoo.  


Visit the Best Beaches Near Raleigh, NC


beaches in north carolina


4) Wilmington / Wrightsville Beach: 2 hours away 


North Carolina really does have it all. When the weather warms up and the kids have a break from school, head in the other direction and enjoy some of the best coastal towns in the U.S.! Wilmington and the island beaches are some of our favorites, where you can splash, surf, stroll, dine, play, and so much more. 


Eagle Point Golf Club is an 18-hole PGA championship course, with 7,259 yards of play through a beautiful and natural coastal North Carolina landscape. Designed by local Tom Fazio, it has ranked in America’s Greatest 100 golf courses consistently since 2009. Members and guests alike enjoy an impressive clubhouse with floor-to-ceiling windows to take advantage of the views, high vaulted ceilings, and a large stone fireplace for optimum comfort.


Don your sailor’s cap and step aboard the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA, an authentically restored World World II battleship, museum, and memorial. Visitors can experience first-hand what it was like to live and be at war on board what was once the finest sea weapon in the world.


For the quintessential waterfront experience, take a stroll along the 2-mile, scenic Wilmington Riverwalk. Browse the many markets, eclectic boutiques, and art galleries, then take your pick from a plethora of outdoor cafes. Enjoy the views, sunshine, and fresh breeze on the Riverwalk any time of year.


5) Outer Banks: 3 hours and 30 minutes away


The Outer Banks of North Carolina consist of 100+ miles of barrier island shoreline, seaside villages, and eclectic towns that never feel too crowded or touristy. They are easily accessible by car and offer a host of outdoor activities on the water, on land, or by air. Whether you want to take it easy or keep busy, there’s something here for everyone. 


Come see where the Wright Brothers flew the very first airplane in 1903 on the island of Kitty Hawk, NC! At the Wright Brothers National Memorial, visitors can learn about all things aviation, from the first flights to the latest NASA breakthroughs. There’s a replica of the first flying machine, a series of museums, markers that indicate the launch and landing spots of the brothers’ test flights, and of course, the enormous granite monument to their achievements.


The Outer Banks has seven fishing piers that offer terrific Atlantic Ocean fishing year round, and all are welcome to cast their lines! Bring your tackle box (or rent one at some piers), a little bit of patience, and be rewarded with pompano, seal mullet, croaker, flounder, trout striped bass, red drum, or mackerel. When you’ve got your catch of the day, ice it down, then stop in for a cold drink and a snack at any one of the bars and restaurants near the piers.


A climb to the top of the tallest brick lighthouse in North America is quite the experience! See incredible views of the Atlantic from the Lighthouse on Cape Hatteras, the original of which was constructed in 1799 to protect ships from one of the most hazardous selections of the Atlantic Coast.


There’s no shortage of ways to experience the fantastic Outer Banks! A few additional experiences we recommend include deep sea fishing at Capt. Stacy Fishing Center on Atlantic Beach, seeing wild horses on Shackleford Banks Island, or catching a ferry to Sand Dollar Island to hunt for some of the most beautiful sand dollars around.

Living in Raleigh is pretty incredible, and when you have options for quick and convenient getaways to some of the country’s (and world’s) most amazing mountain and beach destinations, that makes living here almost as sweet as the tea we serve.

Luxury Townhomes Coming Soon to Wendell Falls

Luxury Townhomes Coming Soon to Wendell Falls

Welcome to Sublime Sophistication


Wendell Falls is a master-planned, new townhome community in Raleigh, NC that’s based on different ways of thinking about living and working. Here, everything you need and want is included. Gorgeous new homes that meet ecoSelect standards for energy and water efficiency, big-city amenities like cafés, parks, and community workspaces, and quaint neighborhood charms like a garden, nature trails, and saltwater pool are all in the neighborhood.


And now, Homes by Dickerson is excited to announce that luxury townhomes are coming soon to this innovative development! These sleek, modern, 3-level townhomes are beautifully appointed and exude sophistication. They are light-filled, spacious, and highly livable with 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and 1 or 2-car garages. They are exceptionally priced from the low $400s.


Conveniently Located Raleigh Townhomes


Located just 15 minutes from Raleigh off of I-87, Wendell Falls is a community that embraces connected living. Residents enjoy get-togethers, both spontaneous and planned.  Stroll to Farmhouse Cafe for breakfast, lunch, or “mood food” to round out the evening. Hike or mountain bike on the 10+ miles of nature trails, just minutes from your doorstep. In Town Center, run the dog or the kids to daycare (doggie and child, respectively), visit the dentist, and get your grocery shopping done. And when it’s time for the little ones to head to school, the world is at their fingertips with Wake County Public Schools System, one of the fastest-growing and best-performing school systems in the nation. It’s all here – right in the neighborhood


Wendell Falls Townhomes are as unique as the people who call them home. You can add your personal style by choosing one of three curated design packages that have been assembled by our award-winning, professional design team. Select your favorite granite countertops, hardwood flooring, carpet for bedrooms, interior paint colors, and light fixtures. 


Townhome living at Wendell Falls is wonderfully maintenance-free. We take care of all the exterior work so that all you have to do is lock and leave. Whether your career calls you to travel the region or the beaches in another country are calling you to relax, you can rest assured that your home is well taken care of. And when you return, the only thing you have to do is kick your shoes off and relax. 


If you are ready to experience living, working, and playing in a completely new way, contact Whitney at 919-495-4977 to join the VIP list and be the first to be alerted when these distinctive new townhomes at Wendell Falls become available.

Building a Custom Home in Today’s Market

Building a Custom Home in Today’s Market

As you’ve embarked upon your new home search, you may have noticed that many builders no longer offer fully customizable homes. If you’ve had your heart set on designing and personalizing a new home from the ground up, this news can be frustrating. While the builders may (or may not) have given you an explanation for why this is the case, we wanted to take the time and explain exactly what’s happening with custom homes, and why it’s becoming harder to find possible solutions. The good news is, this is not the case with Homes By Dickerson, we’ve prepared so that you can still build the custom home you’ve always dreamed of with our same proven process, despite today’s market. 


What is a Custom or To-Be-Built Home?


A true custom home is one that you can personalize from the ground up. In some circles they are called “to-be-builts” — more on that in a bit. If a floor plan you like needs one extra bedroom or a study to accommodate your family, you can add it to a custom home. You can also select all the finishes — including flooring, cabinets, fixtures, paint, hardware, and more. The result is a one-of-a-kind home built exclusively to reflect your style and preferences.


When you invest in a custom home, no part of the home has been built yet; you are working with the construction and design teams to design it from square one. Hence the name “to-be-built” (you are buying the home before it actually exists). The benefit of the custom home design process is that it allows the buyer to make selections and even change their minds about finishes up to a certain point in the construction process. Traditionally, custom builders released their purchase orders in phases to manufacturers, giving the homeowner ultimate control and flexibility. 


Today, it is becoming exceedingly rare for a home builder to be able to offer these kinds of fully customizable homes. 


The Supply Chain Challenge


As we mentioned in our previous Raleigh housing market update, the building materials supply chain has been disrupted by a number of factors, including:


  • The initial uncertainty of how the housing market would respond to the pandemic back in March 2020 — this caused many manufacturers to reduce or halt production at that time.
  • The unprecedented surge in new home demand around April of 2020 — manufacturers were left scrambling to ramp up production to meet demand.
  • Pandemic-related illnesses causing workers to be out of work for periods of time – resulting in slowed production. 
  • And today, because some builders have limited their product offerings to cope with lack of availability, some manufacturers have taken products offline so as not to end up with an oversupply. 


These delays are impacting just about every material and product needed to build a new home, including lumber, lighting, plumbing fixtures, door and cabinet hardware, appliances, and more. The end result is that builders are finding it harder to offer custom design options when there’s no guarantee they can get those products, and at what cost. Instead, builders have turned to a “quick move-in home” model.


Quick Move-In Homes


Quick move-in homes, or “available homes” as they are sometimes called, are homes where construction has been started before they are listed for sale. The builder’s professional designers have pre-selected all features and finishes based on products that have guaranteed availability and price. 


The upside to quick move-in homes is that construction of the home is already in progress by the time you sign the contract and you can move-in quicker compared to a custom home. The downside is that you do not have the opportunity to select preferred finishes or customize the floor plan. Builders have turned to this model in order to guarantee a beautifully-finished home for the buyer, and also to ensure they can continue to operate efficiently.


More and more, builders across the country are turning to the quick move-in model to continue to meet homebuyer demand and control escalating costs. 



Homes By Dickerson Can Do Both


Home By Dickerson is in a unique position to offer our customers both fully custom homes and quick move-in homes. As a leading local custom home builder, we have great relationships with our trade partners and vendors that allow us to continue offering custom home options to our customers. Despite the fluctuations in the market, we’re proud to be able to offer the same custom experience we’ve always been known for. While build times may be just a bit longer for custom homes as sometimes it’s necessary to wait for a delayed product, the result is a masterfully-built Home of Your Life that includes every customization, feature, and finish you could wish for. 


We will also continue to offer quick move-in homes throughout the Raleigh, Pinehurst, and Charleston markets complete with high-end, quality finishes that have been thoughtfully curated by our award-winning design team. 


Even though the real estate market has been impacted by events beyond anyone’s control, it remains a great time to invest in a new home. At Homes By Dickerson, we are doing everything that we can to continue delivering exceptional custom and move-in ready homes that our customers love for a lifetime. 




These Included Features Give Your Home Timeless Style

These Included Features Give Your Home Timeless Style

The design process of building a new home is where all your ideas and dreams come together. There’s so much to choose from and so much possibility! While we absolutely love helping our customers create the perfect home style, we find that new home buyers are either really excited about the process, or they’re just a little nervous. It’s understandable. With hundreds of options for cabinets, tile, hardwoods, fixtures, and more — it can seem overwhelming for some. One concern we hear from buyers who have visited other builders is that it’s so easy to go over budget during the design process. For our entire company, the spend is an average of 2% in the design center. 


Well… we’ll let you in on a little secret. Many Homes by Dickerson homeowners end up spending less on design options than they would at other builders, because so many “upgrades” are included in our homes! Items that you’d normally spend more on elsewhere are already included in many of our new home design packages. So you never have to sacrifice style, no matter your budget.


new home kitchen features homes by dickerson


New Home Features




All of our kitchens feature spacious 42″ upper cabinets, which means you have more room to store everything you need for cooking, baking, and everything else that happens in the kitchen. And our cabinets all have soft close doors and drawers. You’ll also have your choice of timeless granite, marble, or quartz countertops at no additional cost. And such beautiful countertops aren’t complete without an undermount stainless steel sink, perfectly installed to enhance the sleek, modern look of your kitchen. Your kitchen faucet will be an elegant one-handle, high-arc, pull down model. To complete the look, every kitchen features a sparkling tile backsplash.




We think that your primary bath should be a place of respite and luxury, so we include marble countertops in every space, along with a separate tub (per plan) and shower for convenience, and elongated toilets for comfort. EPA WaterSense chrome plumbing features are included in all bathrooms in the home to eliminate unnecessary water waste. 

new home bathroom features




Homes by Dickerson is known for inspired design that complements your unique personality. So we make sure we start with a foundation of great interior style in all our homes. Every home boasts gracious 9’ or 10′ ceiling on the first level, graceful oak stair treads with either wrought iron or painted wood balusters, engineered or site-finished hardwoods in living spaces (per plan), and 7 1/4″ baseboards and crown molding throughout the first level. All closets have wood shelving and rods instead of wiring like most builders. With a blueprint like this, your home will look elegant and tasteful before you even start designing.

We can’t wait to begin the design process with you in The Home of Your Life! No matter which floor plan you choose, you can rest assured that it will be a modern home of timeless design as well as high-performance green features that you will enjoy for a lifetime. For more information about the Homes By Dickerson design process, please contact Whitney at (919) 205-3404 to request an appointment. We can’t wait to meet with you!