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Parade of Homes Floor Plans Sneak Peek

Parade of Homes Floor Plans Sneak Peek

It is that time of year again, and we cannot wait to show you what we have planned. No, it is not the anticipated holidays, it is the Parade of Homes! Each year in October, our dedicated team works tirelessly to showcase some of the best and boldest home designs. And this year is no exception. Homes By Dickerson is here to take it up a notch with an exciting new collection of homes… with character. 

Our theme this year is built around homes with character. For each home, we created a fictional character and a story to represent them living their romanticized lives within them. Take a look!

Lagniappe Rosé in Chatham Park

This beautiful Cooper plan embodies 2,029 square feet of living space with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Inspired by the historic scenery of New Orleans and its southern charm, this home will be designed to the nines. Step into a long foyer to find the glorious kitchen with a waterfall island. Then, explore the primary bath with a zero-entry design and linear shower drain. In this home, you will feel as if you have walked into a southern dream where you can sip iced tea on the covered front porch and then glide through the sliding glass doors to the screened back porch. It is the perfect mix of historic and modern touches.

The story of Lagniappe Rosé invites you to meet Valeria Lucentio. She is an accomplished jazz band musician who falls in love easily. If you are lucky, she will play you a song on the guitar and write a letter that romances you.

Maison Des Fleur in 751 South

The Willow floor plan found in this year’s Parade of Homes will have you traveling to a charming English countryside village. With 7 bedrooms and 5 and a half bathrooms spanning across 3,300 square feet, this home is the quintessential dream home for growing families and avid entertainers. The additional living unit above the 2-car garage is ideal for adult children visiting from college or relatives coming to spend a long weekend. It boasts a beautiful view of the future family garden. Additional features like the fireplace with pre-cast concrete and the creative craft room are special highlights of this home.

While looking out the window at the view of the garden, you will find our Maison Des Fleur character planting flowers with her family. Eight-year-old Sadie Brown loves helping her family with the garden. Along with her twin brother and parents, she lives with her sweet grandmother, who enjoys a spot of tea in her in-law suite.

Grand Vin in Wendell Falls

As the name suggests, the Grand Vin parade home is inspired by Napa Valley’s modern wineries. There are a ton of features to love in this customized Bristol floor plan. Firstly, you will find not one, but two cozy fireplaces. One inside the home and one outside. Secondly, before going up the stairs, there is a quaint dog kennel for the favored furry friend in the family. Thirdly, barrel vault ceilings can be found over the wet bar and in the butler’s pantry. Come to the Parade of Homes event to see even more fun features of this home with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 2,930 square feet of living space.

Doctor Talia Stoll is the relatable character of Grand Vin. While she loved her life in Sonoma Valley, CA, she could not help but feel drawn to the sweet southern atmosphere of NC. Missing her family, you can find her in the craft room putting together a package for her niece.

Treelight Chic Townhome in Wendell Falls

In this collection of parade homes, we cannot forget our wonderful luxury townhomes. Nothing says “healthy, active lifestyle” like a townhome surrounded by walkable conveniences. But after a long day, it is nice to come home to a relaxing retreat in a chic styled home. This Park Ave floor plan has plenty of room for entertaining and a 2-car garage with ample storage. Throughout the 2,282 square feet of living space, you will find 3 bedrooms and 3 and a half bathrooms. The 10-foot ceilings create an open, airy feel in the large living, kitchen, and dining room areas. The second floor provides access to an uncovered rear deck where you can relax and take in the fresh air.

In this townhome, the story of Sofia Gonzales comes to life. By day she is a journalist and editor, but by night she is either reading or listening to some good music. She loves her private life here with just her and her Yorkie. However, tonight she is headed to Treelight Square to prepare for her dinner party!

These are just a few of the details of our Parade of Homes floor plans and their unique character stories. If you are impressed now, just wait until you see the full designs that complement their layout. Ready to save the date on your calendar or view models that are just as special? Connect with us online or contact our new home sales consultant at 919-205-3404.

Current Kitchen Design Trends

Current Kitchen Design Trends

The place where you enjoy your morning coffee, prepare evening meals, and hang out with your family, the kitchen really is “the heart of the home.” At Homes By Dickerson, we design all of our beautiful, modern, efficient kitchens to enhance your daily routine. Here are a few trending design features we’re seeing that will inspire you to turn your kitchen into your all-time dream space:

Full Height Granite or Quartz Backsplash 

Imagine the look of Italian marble but infinitely more durable and practical. In this application, granite or quartz runs from the countertops all the way to the ceiling, creating a seamless look. It adds sophistication and warmth to any kitchen. 

The Look of Black Marble  

There is something infinite about black marble. It’s been used in so many variations for eons – walls and floors, mantles and countertops. It’s instantly recognizable yet avante garde. The black marble “look” is easily and practically obtained via porcelain floor tile or quartz countertops. 

Wide Plank Floors 

Wide plank wood flooring adds instant charm and depth to any room. The unique grain and natural color variations of hardwoods are classics for a reason. Combine the warm tones of stained floors with a cooler hue for a more modern look. 

Warm Wood Cabinetry 

While white kitchens will always have a place in the design pantheon, there’s something inevitably comforting about wood cabinetry. These elegant maple cabinets feature a modern design and a clear stain/painted finish combo, giving them a contemporary yet familiar feel. 

Open Shelving 

Whether for storing everyday items or displaying decorative treasures, open shelving has been around for centuries. But if you’re thinking “country kitchen”, think again! In this case, open shelves enhanced with a dark tile background are a central feature in a contemporary kitchen with light and dark cabinets and a cozy feel. 

Brass or Brushed Gold Fixtures & Cabinet Hardware 

The current trend in brass & brushed gold is soft and sophisticated. When paired with a classic blue & white color palette, the effect is cool and timeless. 

Bold Use of Color & Patterns  

For decades, color was used only as an accent in kitchens. But recently, a bolder use of color has been trending. Cabinets in saturated tones. Countertops with striking hues. Tile backsplashes that are works of art. It’s a great way to add personality to the room you spend so much time in! 

Choose to Build New or Buy a Quick-Move-In Home

Choose to Build New or Buy a Quick-Move-In Home

The new year is almost here! As you look ahead to all of the exciting things coming your way in 2022, you may be ready to make a fresh start in a brand new home. After all, a new home means more opportunities — more space to personalize, more modern features to enjoy, and more connection to your family, community, and beyond.

If you are currently deciding on a new home, you have several options that work around your timeline. For example, if you prefer to move into a new home as soon as possible, you can choose to buy a quick-move-in home in Raleigh/Durham, Pinehurst, or Charleston that provides all the advantages of new construction, from contemporary design to all-new systems and appliances, along with a shorter wait time.

On the other hand, if you would like to make personalizations and you are willing to wait longer to move in, you can choose to build a new home. When it comes to the decision to purchase a new home, you should not have to compromise your personal schedule or design preferences. With a variety of options, you can settle into the exact home you want, when you want to.

Reasons to Build a New Construction Home

  • You prefer to customize your floorplan and the exterior look of your home 
  • You want to visit our design center and personally choose every selection in your new home with help from one of our experienced designers 
  • You do not mind waiting a bit longer to move into your new home



Reasons to Buy a Quick-Move-In Home

  • You are eager to start enjoying the benefits of a new home, from more open space to all-new appliances and everything in between
  • All the hard decisions have been made, from the floorplan specifics to the design selections 
  • Each quick-move-in home has been professionally designed by our award-winning design team


Purchasing a new home is one of the most exciting experiences of your life, which means that you should be able to decide what you want in terms of design, and when you want to move in. Whether you choose to build new or buy a quick-move-in home, you will be in control of your new home journey. Your best days are just ahead — cheers to a new year and new beginnings! 

For more information on building your new home with us or our available quick-move-in homes, please contact us at 919-205-3404.

Building a Custom Home in Today’s Market

Building a Custom Home in Today’s Market

As you’ve embarked upon your new home search, you may have noticed that many builders no longer offer fully customizable homes. If you’ve had your heart set on designing and personalizing a new home from the ground up, this news can be frustrating. While the builders may (or may not) have given you an explanation for why this is the case, we wanted to take the time and explain exactly what’s happening with custom homes, and why it’s becoming harder to find possible solutions. The good news is, this is not the case with Homes By Dickerson, we’ve prepared so that you can still build the custom home you’ve always dreamed of with our same proven process, despite today’s market. 


What is a Custom or To-Be-Built Home?


A true custom home is one that you can personalize from the ground up. In some circles they are called “to-be-builts” — more on that in a bit. If a floor plan you like needs one extra bedroom or a study to accommodate your family, you can add it to a custom home. You can also select all the finishes — including flooring, cabinets, fixtures, paint, hardware, and more. The result is a one-of-a-kind home built exclusively to reflect your style and preferences.


When you invest in a custom home, no part of the home has been built yet; you are working with the construction and design teams to design it from square one. Hence the name “to-be-built” (you are buying the home before it actually exists). The benefit of the custom home design process is that it allows the buyer to make selections and even change their minds about finishes up to a certain point in the construction process. Traditionally, custom builders released their purchase orders in phases to manufacturers, giving the homeowner ultimate control and flexibility. 


Today, it is becoming exceedingly rare for a home builder to be able to offer these kinds of fully customizable homes. 


The Supply Chain Challenge


As we mentioned in our previous Raleigh housing market update, the building materials supply chain has been disrupted by a number of factors, including:


  • The initial uncertainty of how the housing market would respond to the pandemic back in March 2020 — this caused many manufacturers to reduce or halt production at that time.
  • The unprecedented surge in new home demand around April of 2020 — manufacturers were left scrambling to ramp up production to meet demand.
  • Pandemic-related illnesses causing workers to be out of work for periods of time – resulting in slowed production. 
  • And today, because some builders have limited their product offerings to cope with lack of availability, some manufacturers have taken products offline so as not to end up with an oversupply. 


These delays are impacting just about every material and product needed to build a new home, including lumber, lighting, plumbing fixtures, door and cabinet hardware, appliances, and more. The end result is that builders are finding it harder to offer custom design options when there’s no guarantee they can get those products, and at what cost. Instead, builders have turned to a “quick move-in home” model.


Quick Move-In Homes


Quick move-in homes, or “available homes” as they are sometimes called, are homes where construction has been started before they are listed for sale. The builder’s professional designers have pre-selected all features and finishes based on products that have guaranteed availability and price. 


The upside to quick move-in homes is that construction of the home is already in progress by the time you sign the contract and you can move-in quicker compared to a custom home. The downside is that you do not have the opportunity to select preferred finishes or customize the floor plan. Builders have turned to this model in order to guarantee a beautifully-finished home for the buyer, and also to ensure they can continue to operate efficiently.


More and more, builders across the country are turning to the quick move-in model to continue to meet homebuyer demand and control escalating costs. 



Homes By Dickerson Can Do Both


Home By Dickerson is in a unique position to offer our customers both fully custom homes and quick move-in homes. As a leading local custom home builder, we have great relationships with our trade partners and vendors that allow us to continue offering custom home options to our customers. Despite the fluctuations in the market, we’re proud to be able to offer the same custom experience we’ve always been known for. While build times may be just a bit longer for custom homes as sometimes it’s necessary to wait for a delayed product, the result is a masterfully-built Home of Your Life that includes every customization, feature, and finish you could wish for. 


We will also continue to offer quick move-in homes throughout the Raleigh, Pinehurst, and Charleston markets complete with high-end, quality finishes that have been thoughtfully curated by our award-winning design team. 


Even though the real estate market has been impacted by events beyond anyone’s control, it remains a great time to invest in a new home. At Homes By Dickerson, we are doing everything that we can to continue delivering exceptional custom and move-in ready homes that our customers love for a lifetime. 




These Included Features Give Your Home Timeless Style

These Included Features Give Your Home Timeless Style

The design process of building a new home is where all your ideas and dreams come together. There’s so much to choose from and so much possibility! While we absolutely love helping our customers create the perfect home style, we find that new home buyers are either really excited about the process, or they’re just a little nervous. It’s understandable. With hundreds of options for cabinets, tile, hardwoods, fixtures, and more — it can seem overwhelming for some. One concern we hear from buyers who have visited other builders is that it’s so easy to go over budget during the design process. For our entire company, the spend is an average of 2% in the design center. 


Well… we’ll let you in on a little secret. Many Homes by Dickerson homeowners end up spending less on design options than they would at other builders, because so many “upgrades” are included in our homes! Items that you’d normally spend more on elsewhere are already included in many of our new home design packages. So you never have to sacrifice style, no matter your budget.


new home kitchen features homes by dickerson


New Home Features




All of our kitchens feature spacious 42″ upper cabinets, which means you have more room to store everything you need for cooking, baking, and everything else that happens in the kitchen. And our cabinets all have soft close doors and drawers. You’ll also have your choice of timeless granite, marble, or quartz countertops at no additional cost. And such beautiful countertops aren’t complete without an undermount stainless steel sink, perfectly installed to enhance the sleek, modern look of your kitchen. Your kitchen faucet will be an elegant one-handle, high-arc, pull down model. To complete the look, every kitchen features a sparkling tile backsplash.




We think that your primary bath should be a place of respite and luxury, so we include marble countertops in every space, along with a separate tub (per plan) and shower for convenience, and elongated toilets for comfort. EPA WaterSense chrome plumbing features are included in all bathrooms in the home to eliminate unnecessary water waste. 

new home bathroom features




Homes by Dickerson is known for inspired design that complements your unique personality. So we make sure we start with a foundation of great interior style in all our homes. Every home boasts gracious 9’ or 10′ ceiling on the first level, graceful oak stair treads with either wrought iron or painted wood balusters, engineered or site-finished hardwoods in living spaces (per plan), and 7 1/4″ baseboards and crown molding throughout the first level. All closets have wood shelving and rods instead of wiring like most builders. With a blueprint like this, your home will look elegant and tasteful before you even start designing.

We can’t wait to begin the design process with you in The Home of Your Life! No matter which floor plan you choose, you can rest assured that it will be a modern home of timeless design as well as high-performance green features that you will enjoy for a lifetime. For more information about the Homes By Dickerson design process, please contact Whitney at (919) 205-3404 to request an appointment. We can’t wait to meet with you!

Your 3 Top Mortgage Questions Answered

Your 3 Top Mortgage Questions Answered

So much is changing with the housing market, and understandably, many of our customers have questions about interest rates, building timelines, and home availability. You may fear you’ll miss out on the home of your dreams because interest rates have gone up by the time something is available. Or maybe you’re wondering if you should hold out a bit longer in case rates dip again. To help alleviate your uncertainties and shed some light on mortgage rates today, we asked our preferred lenders the top three questions we are asked most often by our customers. Let’s first introduce our lenders!


Preferred Lenders at Homes By Dickerson


Nate Haines with Robby Oakes Mortgage Team and CIMG Residential Mortgage


Kerry Doyle with BB&T (now Truist Bank)


Phil Jawny with Townebank Mortgage



Top 3 New Home Mortgage FAQs


Question #1: When are interest rates going to rise?


The short answer is: no one knows. 


Nate Haines with Robby Oakes Mortgage Team and CIMG Residential Mortgage: 


“I usually tell borrowers that the good and bad news is the same: it’s out of everyone’s control. We thought the world was ending at least once a quarter last year, and we are all still buying and building homes. Rising rates and prices are a sign of much-anticipated economic healing, so there is a tremendous reason to be optimistic! Rates have substantial room to increase before they are anything other than an amazing bargain. If borrowers think back to the spring of 2019, when we were all planning international trips and family holidays, rates were starting to dip below 4% for the first time in several years. After a year we thought we would never see sub-4 rates again, yet here we are.”


Kerry Doyle with BB&T (now Truist Bank):


“I always do my best to explain that, as much as we would like to predict where things will be in 30 days to a year, I can only speculate and give an opinion. There are many economic factors and scenarios in future markets affecting mortgage rates, and I often see rates rise and fall based on mere speculation and predictions by economists and rate forecasting news/media. I’m confident we are in a safe rate zone for a good while, and my current prediction is that rates will remain low for the remainder of 2021 and 2022 and start to trend up in early 2023.”


Question #2: Can I lock in a rate now and build later?


The short answer is: yes! The more complete answer is: yes, but that option comes with a few financial considerations:


Phil Jawny with Townebank Mortgage:


“As busy as the market is, we still are overcoming a handful of obstacles to help provide some comfort to today’s buyer. We are using extended-rate lock options more and more as interest rates bounce around. Once a buyer understands their options, and feels comfortable and confident, we can help move them forward in today’s market. The most important thing is listening to the consumer and understanding their pain points. Then just simply supply the most cost-effective solution.”


Nate Haines with Robby Oakes Mortgage Team and CIMG Residential Mortgage:


“We discuss long-term lock solutions, and the pros and cons of that strategy versus the more traditional strategy of a short-term lock. Long-term locks hedge against the risk of a rising rate environment with an up-front fee and a higher-than market rate. While not the perfect solution for everyone, we do see monthly payment-sensitive customers pursue that strategy. Others are more comfortable with risk and the potential for a lower rate.”


Kerry Doyle with BB&T (now Truist Bank):


“We offer a Construction to Permanent (CTP) loan program for buyers who are building but want to take advantage of today’s rates.”


Question #3: Is now a good time to buy a home?


The short and long answers are: yes! With low interest rates, options to lock in your rate, and the ability to custom build the home you’ve always wanted with us, it’s a fantastic time to buy a new home.

For flexible home buyers, it continues to be a great time to buy and build The Home of Your Life. For more information, please contact us at 919-205-3404, or feel free to contact one of our preferred lenders directly to discuss your loan options.

8 Tips to Prepare For Your Home Design Appointment

8 Tips to Prepare For Your Home Design Appointment

Close your eyes and envision your perfect home — now open them and let’s make it happen! When you build a new Homes By Dickerson home, you’ll be able to choose from rows of carpet and hardwood samples, kitchen and bath tiles, lighting choices, granite and quartz countertops, kitchen and bath cabinets, and more! Ready to feel like a kid in a candy store again?


For all of your seasonal gatherings, themed happy hours, book clubs and movie nights, visits from family and friends, and of course, quiet time to yourself, you deserve a space that reflects your personality and style, inside and out. At Homes By Dickerson, we allow you to choose the features and finishes that suit you best, so that your home looks and feels just like you.


Choosing the details of your home while staying within your budget may seem overwhelming, but you can rest assured that our talented design specialists will be with you every step of the way. They’ll get to know you and what you’re looking for, making this personalized process as easy and stress-free as possible.


Take a look at the eight things you should do to make your design appointment a breeze!


homes by dickerson design appointment


1) Go Ahead and Dream. The first thing to do before your design appointment is to simply ask yourself a few questions so that you can start imagining what your new home will look like. For example:


When you think about the exterior of your home, is there a certain color tone you prefer? (Ex. light, mid-tone, dark)


Is there a certain color family you prefer? (Ex. gray, beige, green, etc.)

If your elevation has shutters, do you prefer light, mid-tone, or dark colors?

If your elevation has brick, do you prefer traditional red, white-washed, painted, or another?

If your elevation has stone, do you prefer a stone with many color variations, or a tone-on-tone look?

Do you wish to carry the exterior style of your home into the interior? (Ex: farmhouse, traditional, modern, etc.)

Do you like cool tones or warm tones?

Do you have a favorite accent color that you would like used in your design selections? If so, what is that color or color family?

What is your flooring color preference? (Ex: light, mid-tone, dark)

Have you been dreaming of a light and airy house, a neutral home with pops of color, or a moody and modern house?


Write down your answers and allow your ideal home to take shape in your mind. It will serve as a great blueprint for choosing real-life selections as we put your home together, detail by beautiful detail.


2) Start a Lookbook: Think of this task as the most fun homework assignment you’ve ever had. A lookbook is a collection of photos that you put together to draw inspiration from. Browse sites like Pinterest, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens, and whichever publication catches your eye! Create a folder of photos on your desktop or print them out to start visualizing materials and color schemes.


bathroom design homes by dickerson 


3) Write Out Your Must-Haves: When it comes to your dream home, you most likely have a few “must-haves” that are non-negotiable. Whether it’s light kitchen cabinets, quartz countertops, brushed nickel finishes, dark hardwood floors, beige tile, and more, make sure to keep a list of things that you’re absolutely set on. Since you’ve already selected your home’s style (farmhouse, traditional, coastal cottage, contemporary), start with selections that follow that theme, and our designers will help you narrow it down. Having a list of “must-haves” in your design appointment will save you time by allowing you to really focus on the details that you’re not entirely sure about yet.


4) Be Flexible: Keep in mind that your exterior selections will need to be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Review Board. This is to ensure that the neighborhood aesthetic you fell in love with is preserved. Exterior selections subject to ARB approval include, but are not limited to, paint color, landscaping, patios, and decks. It’s a good idea to have some backup options just in case your first-picks aren’t possible.


5) Stick To Your Timeline: The building process is truly an incredible combination of moving parts. When it comes to your design appointment, one of the ways you can help yourself (and your team) is to stick to schedule — which means prioritizing your appointment over other commitments that can be moved, and working with your designers to make your decisions on time. This will allow the rest of your process to be smooth sailing!


6) Know Your Budget: If you go into your design appointment with a clear idea of what you’re hoping to spend (and how flexible you can be), you can make the best use of your time and feel confident with all of your choices. Remember that your selected elevation or home model may have some included finishes, so make a note of those so that you can focus on all the other fun selections. Your design specialists will make sure to take you through all of the options that complement your floor plan and fit within your budget, so you can be sure that you’re not missing out on anything.


7) Get a Head Start: “Preparation is the key to success,” goes the saying. By browsing our Inspiration Gallery, you’ll be prepared with ideas and preferences before even starting the design process. This tool will help you get acclimated to all of our options as well as help you visualize the choices that you’re not sure of just yet. After all, there’s nothing more fun than a “sneak peek” to get a head start on your selections. Bonus tip: tour a model home again!


8) Have Fun: Go into your design appointment with one word in mind — fun. This part of the process is all about creating the heart and soul of your home, and we want it to be enjoyable from beginning to end. Dress comfortably, feel confident in your choices, keep an open mind, and start bringing your dream home to life!



All of our designers here at Homes By Dickerson have a degree in interior design so not only will our designers assist you, but they’ll be a valuable resource of information about trends, materials, products, and prices for your personal needs and budget. And with a little bit of preparation, you can rest assured that this experience will be one to never forget. From all of us at Homes By Dickerson, happy designing!

Featured Community: Introducing Blanton’s Creek

Featured Community: Introducing Blanton’s Creek

People on deck.

Now selling in Wake Forest… an extraordinary new community called Blanton’s Creek. With just 25 customized homes, peace, quiet and privacy will be all yours. 

Blanton’s Creek is a small community, with a choice of six distinctive, high-style home designs. Each scenic 2 to 4-acre homesite has a unique topography, featuring rolling hills, woods, and ponds. No two homes – or homesites – will be alike. 

Located just a few minutes from Falls Lake State Recreation Area, Blanton’s Creek is close to North Raleigh and historic downtown Wake Forest, as well. 

The Town of Wake Forest is a reminder of days past as well as an example of civic growth. Stroll down the streets of its beautiful downtown district, enjoying art, delicious cuisine, and locally-owned shops, while soaking up history, too. From the genuine southern hospitality you will feel around each corner to the lovely water and wooded views, one visit will make you want to spend a lifetime.

This exclusive community of stunning homesites and customized estate-style homes is priced from the $700s. Inside — and out — you and your family will have all the room you need to escape, unwind, and enjoy at Blanton’s Creek.

For more information about Blanton’s Creek, please contact Whitney at 919-205-3404 or whitney@homesbydickerson.com.

Build a Custom Home in Raleigh

Build a Custom Home in Raleigh

At Homes By Dickerson, we believe your home is much more than walls and fixtures — it’s your place in the world. It’s where you will live your life. That’s why we build your custom home in Raleigh as if we were building it for our own families. Our team takes the time to meet with you and understand your lifestyle, so that we can create a home that fits you just right. We’ll figure out which rooms are needed or unnecessary, how much space you desire, and the look and feel that best complements your personal style. 

Our four state-of-the-art Design Centers display an array of high-quality interior and exteriors sections for you to choose from. With the help of our experienced designers, you’ll start bringing your unique vision to life, from your fixtures to your cabinets and countertops, and everything in between. Our goal is to create a customized home atmosphere that makes you feel safe, secure, and comfortable, no matter what’s going on outside. 

The Process of Building a Custom Raleigh Home Exterior

Of course, the process begins with you — your dreams and your goals. No matter how you prefer to get acclimated to our homes, whether that’s by browsing our visual galleries and floor plans, driving our communities, or even meeting neighbors, this is your time to imagine the life you want to live in a Homes By Dickerson home.

Next, you’ll choose the perfect Raleigh community for you and your family. We believe that where you live determines how you live, which is why we create our custom homes in only the best neighborhoods. We’ll help you determine what you want in terms of surroundings, conveniences, and lifestyle — so whether you want to be closer to downtown, enjoy a shorter commute, or benefit from a larger home site in a tranquil setting, our team will provide you with options that make sense for you.

When it comes to customizing your home, we offer two unique options:

Modify an existing plan in our portfolio

  • Choose one of our existing, award-winning floor plans and customize to fit your family’s needs
  • Place a refundable lot hold on your home site while we finalize your plan and pricing details

Create a custom design

  • Sit down with our on-staff licensed architect to review your goals and needs
  • Get inspired by plans we have done in the past or start from scratch 
  • The design agreement fee can be applied towards the purchase price of your new home

Once you’ve chosen the features and finishes of your home, you’ll have the opportunity to review your personalized pricing and specifications. This will help give you an idea on how to maximize your self-appointed investment range, as well as stay within that range during the process.  Kitchen.

After the details are finalized, you’ll be able to review Homes By Dickerson’s Purchase Agreement, as well as ask any questions before moving forward with paperwork. You’ll receive finalized drawings to ensure that our team has accurately captured your unique vision.

Design center.

Next, we’ll complete the finishing touches — arguably the most fun part of the process! Your personal designer will work closely with you (up to 15 hours) in one of our Design Centers to choose the colors and finishes that reflect your style and preferences.

Throughout different milestones of construction, you’ll have several scheduled opportunities to meet with your project manager onsite and view your home. Whether it’s your electrical walk-through or interior trim walk, you’ll see your home throughout its various stages and be prepared for your homeowner orientation to review final details before closing.

Before we present you with the key to your new home (yes, it’s just as exciting as it sounds!) your closing coordinator will ensure that all details are accounted for and shared with the closing attorney at settlement. Then, once you have closed on The Home of Your Life, you’ll meet with your client care representative, who will guide you through the first year as a Homes By Dickerson homeowner. Our warranty process involves three-month and ten-month walk-throughs, as well as helpful information on maintenance details.

Enjoy the Opportunities in Raleigh Raleigh

If you currently live in or near a larger city, you may be at a point in your life where the hustle and bustle doesn’t excite you anymore. In a neighborhood outside of Raleigh, a small town with a big personality, you have the best of both worlds. You’ll enjoy the peace and quiet of a scenic, secure neighborhood, while being close to the things you love downtown, without all of the traffic, congestion, high prices, and cramped space of larger cities. Outdoor living

If you prefer the intimacy of a local coffee shop or family-owned restaurant, where there’s always a friendly face to see, a neighborhood outside of Raleigh is the place for you. At home, you’ll enjoy the comfort of an open-concept living area that’s designed for connection, along with a wide open outdoor area to enjoy the seasons — then when you’re looking for a downtown excursion, you have the family-friendly fun of Raleigh just a short drive away. From shopping and dining to outdoor recreation (did we mention the beach and skiing opportunities are just a short road trip away?) you can enjoy the things you love, and return to a home and community that feel just right.

Build a Custom Home in Raleigh

When you choose to build a personalized Homes By Dickerson home in a safe, secure Raleigh neighborhood, you aren’t just choosing a beautiful house with beautiful surroundings — you’re choosing peace of mind for today, tomorrow, and every day after that. You’re choosing a lifestyle that’s rooted in simplicity, so you can enjoy your time the way you want to, without anything standing in your way. And of course, with our caring, knowledgeable team by your side, you can be sure that your experience building The Home of Your Life will be just as enjoyable as living in it. 

If you’re ready to move to a custom home in Raleigh, all of us at Homes By Dickerson can’t wait to help make your ideal lifestyle a reality. For more information, please contact us at 919-205-3404.

Parade of Style: Meet the Winners!

Parade of Style: Meet the Winners!

We hope you enjoyed the 2020 Parade of Style as much as we did! Our team is happy to say that all the hard work, planning, and creativity has paid off, and the homes we showcased are officially award winners! Creating a stage for our beautiful homes and our talented designers has been so rewarding, and we want to thank all who came out and toured our homes.

Finally the moment you’ve been waiting for! Here are the homes that stole the show:

The Void.

The Void: GOLD

Briar Chapel

376 Bennett Mountain Trace

Chapel Hill, NC

$895,000  SOLD

64 East.

64 East: GOLD

Briar Chapel

164 Post Oak Road

Chapel Hill, NC

$596,000 SOLD

Duke's Revival.

Dukes Revival: GOLD

751 South

905 Celia Saxon Drive

Durham, NC


True Arch.

True Arch: GOLD

Crystal Lake at Croasdaile Farm

2203 Meadowcreek Drive

Durham, NC

$769,000  SOLD

Belle Vue

Belle Vue: GOLD


1416 Reservoir View Lane

Wake Forest, NC



Staycation: GOLD

Wendell Falls

724 Daniel Ridge Road

Wendell, NC


Life of hygge

Life of Hygge: GOLD

Wendell Falls

425 Liberty Star Road

Wendell, NC

$406,000 SOLD

First Fiddle.

First Fiddle: SILVER

Papillon Park

2264 Duskywing Drive

Raleigh, NC

$918,000  SOLD

Moss Hill Townhome.

Moss Hill Towne: SILVER

Crystal Lake at Croasdaile Farm

1003 Laurelwood Drive

Durham, NC

$625,000 SOLD

Eden Retreat.

Eden Retreat: BRONZE

Sunset Bluffs

2245 Plowridge Road

Fuquay Varina, NC

$635,000 SOLD

Each home was carefully designed with bold choices and selections to fit a unique theme, and provide our unmatched blend of luxury, comfort, and function. Best of all, the Parade of Style homes that haven’t been sold are available to purchase, so you can fall in love with one of these incredible homes and call it your own! 

At Homes By Dickerson, we care about you and how you live, which is why our new construction homes in North Carolina are created to fit a range of styles and preferences. We can’t wait for you to browse these living spaces that we’re so proud of, and find the one that suits your wants and needs. For more information, please contact us at 919-646-8771.